My Newest Textile: Seagrass Green ūüĆĪ

Spring Spirit.

My newest textile design, Seagrass Green (above) is a fresh light green, aqua and navy pattern with a pop of white. The dress just sings spring to me.  

Sienna in Fern Black and White is back by popular demand (below). It's bold and beautiful.

Shakalaka Gold (bottom) is a small batch. I only had one roll of fabric leftover from the Bridget tee production. I like it even more than I expected. It has a seventies vibe which I love. 

Britt Navy Jacquard.

This little jacket is really easy to wear. It feel more like a sweater than a blazer. I'm wearing mine with my Justine tee in Navy. 

The Light Layer.

Just added four new cardigans to the site. We cut them to match the Annie tee, so pair them up if you like a matching set. The perfect layer for spring when it's just a tad cooler than you'd like.  

Farm Fresh.

We have friends visiting from Washington state.¬†I love hearing all about their farm life. They have five baby lambs at the moment. Here's my gift from the farm‚ÄĒ fresh eggs.¬†¬†

It's 11pm and I'm too tired to keep working. I might have mistakes but I'm scheduling this email and sending as is. Thank you for overlooking my typos. :)

love, Lesley
March 18, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

It's Time to Put On Your Party Pants.

And Dance.

We just added two prints to the Erika style- Daisy and Gems (further down).  I promise you will make people smile when you wear them and that is always a good thing. 

I cut a small batch of Dandelion Britt blazers. I had some leftover buttons so I ordered just enough fabric to use them all up. I know that sounds backwards, but these are special buttons. To me at least. I appreciate a good button!

Brooklyn Solids.

Our solids are in stock! Choose from Blue, Natural, Black and White. I love this tomboy top. It's sporty and casual.


These pants sold too fast when we first posted them. We've quickly restocked and they are ready to ship! This time they will make it to the College Ave shop, I promise.
Boom Shakalaka! Let the good times flow. :)

Dixie Hydrangea.

This box pleat skirt is here for lots of occasions. Just had a customer ask what to wear to a baby shower- well here's a great option! As well as just out and about with sandals. A skirt covered in hydrangeas has my name on it for sure. 


Might be my favorite season, officially just about a week away. So much to look forward to and be hopeful for. I am grateful for the simple things in life these days. 

I hope your trees are budding and the birds are making nests in your yard. Enjoy!

love, Lesley

March 11, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

New Kathryn Tops

Kathryn Top.

These colorful cotton blouses were perfect on my Puerto Vallarta trip. Our factory finished 1 of each for me extra fast to go in my suitcase. The bulk of the production is ready today so we are ready to ship!

Four beautiful and colorful prints to choose from. I'm not sure which is my favorite.

Sleeping and Lounging.

These pajamas are my new favorite. The 100% cotton Josephine set is what I like to wear year-round.

Bad hair day. We went swimming in the ocean almost every morning and I just let my hair dry in the sun after half rinsing in the outdoor shower.

Around Town.

The Elaine dress was fabulous on my trip. As soon as the weather warms up it's going to be my go-to. I love pink and red and sunny days. :)


Yes, I packed table linens to take on my trip. I knew I wanted a photo by the water with our new Grey Woodpile print on the table.

Once I got there my enthusiasm to set up for photos faded. The house staff set the table for me and made accordion napkins. We were completely spoiled.


After eight days away it's not easy to get back into my work rhythm. Picking up my pace!

Lots and lots of new things in the works. This is going to be a great spring. Thank you for being my customer!

love, Lesley
March 03, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski


Greetings from Mexico.

Happy to say I am in Puerto Vallarta in a villa overlooking the ocean. Normally I pack light but I brought a ton of clothes so that I could take photos in a new place!

This new Elaine dress has been really wonderful. It's lightweight and colorful, loose and flattering. Checks all my boxes! 

Food Tour.

The first day we took a local food tour with 9 stops. We ate tacos from food trucks, fruit water from a cooler in front of someone's house, candy from "Willy Wonka" and chocolates from a popular coffee/chocolate shop. Oh, and we bought herbs from a local home remedy medicine man.

Yes, I agree it all sounds questionable but we survived. :)

New Evelyn Top.

This new top will be great with jeans or white pants, but if you want to go all in wear it with your Tara pant. 

Restock of Mixed Napkin Set.

Call me crazy, I packed linens to come to Mexico! I just knew the setting would be so pretty I couldn't help myself. 

More coming soon. I've had some technical challenges putting this email together so I'm calling it quits and going to breakfast and then to the market. 

love, Lesley
February 25, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Out and About

Suited Up.

Be playful with a cute back-to-the-office outfit that feels more like lounge wear than office attire.

The new Britt in Black Jacquard is great with a pop of color underneath or pair with our Primrose scarf. I'm wearing mine with my matching Audrey pants. 

Back by Popular Demand.

These two dresses were so popular we brought back a small batch for those of you that missed them. 


I love this dress because it fits wether I'm up or down in weight. The stretchy fabric is forgiving AND flattering. Essential for me these days!


Our lovely linen shift cut in my signature Pink Wave print. This dress is an easy fit and looks good on all body types! 

Customer Pic.

My customer Carol popped in today and picked out the new Megan tee and Audrey pant.  She obliged me by posing, as I was needing images for this email. :) Thank you, Carol! 

Packing My Bag.

Curtis and I are leaving for Mexico on Tuesday to meet up with my family for my mothers's 80th birthday, so I will be writing from Puerto Vallarta next week.

The factory is getting samples ready so I can take them along with me. I think I have some fun pieces to photograph there. Looking forward to a new location. My front door and storefront are nice, but the beach is going to be so much better! :)

Til then‚ÄĒ
February 18, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Mix and Match Pieces

Just for Fun Pants.

Our newest style Erika is debuting in one of my favorite prints- Shakalaka!
Lots going on here so I'm pairing mine with black but there are a multitude of options. 

DIXIE: Light, Airy & Floral.

The Dixie skirt is so light and perfect for warm weather is our extra fine lightweight poplin. I can't decide which one I'm taking to Puerto Vallarta at the end of the month.

I like to wear them with the Annie tee. Both prints go with the black or white top.

Sunny Day.

The Jackie dress felt just right today, though I only wore it for a few minutes. We've had weather in the 60's here in Oakland and I'm enjoying it! So much easier to step outside without a jacket for a quick photo. 

I know we will have another cold spell, but what a relief to have the warm(ish) breeze this week! I LOVE the longer and warmer days. Feels like everything good is ahead of us. 

Busy Bees.

We are working hard  in the warehouse shipping your orders. Casey (left) and Annamaria (right) are really great at paying attention to all the details and believe me it gets complicated! 

Need to reach out to us? Chat though the website. We aren't in front of our computers all day but check frequently. 

Thanks for being our customers- we appreciate you all!
love, Lesley
February 10, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Stripe + Jacquard + Print

My New Uniform.

Sometimes I like to wear the same thing for days on end. This is the outfit I've been living in. I recommend it. :) In fact I'm in bed with it on as I'm writing this email. Will have to muster up the energy to change into my PJs. 

This yellow striped tee reminds me of something I had in fourth grade. Sporting a 70's vibe and feeling nostalgic. And the new Tara pant in this new light and lofty jacquard! I'm just  happy in them. 

Mixing and Match.

These seven pieces make a great assortment to mix and match. Sweet pinks for February with black and white. Lots of ways to pair up these separates. 

Garden Party. 

New mask set in new floral prints. 

Spread the Love!

Gift our Valentine PJs to show someone you love them. There's still time to order and receive before Valentine's Day. 

I hope you all have a great week! 

love, Lesley
February 06, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Mix and Match Pieces

What's Your Go-To?

Is your core color black or navy? Either way we've got you covered. Pick from these separates for fresh new wardrobe building blocks.

These mini-capsules (3 tops, 3 bottoms, 1 scarf) will get you through the entire week. 

BLACK and WHITES with a dash of PINK
1. Meg tee in Black/White
2. Annie top in Black
3. Annie top in White
4. Cassidy skirt Blush
5. Tara pant in Solid Black- RESTOCKED!
6. Audrey pant in Black/White Jacquard
7. Esme scarf Burgundy Wave

NAVY and WHITES with a pop of YELLOW
1. Meg tee in Yellow
2. Annie top in Navy
3. Annie top in White
4. Tara pant in Navy-White Jacquard
5. Audrey pant in Solid Navy
6. Lindsey pant in Navy Herringbone
7. Esme Primrose Navy

Pattern on Pattern.

I'm always ready to layer up pattern on pattern. Combining stripes, jacquards and printed silk scarves is easy and colorful.

Mixing It Up.

Seven pieces and seven outfits. I can easily fit all of these in my small carry-on suitcase. All comfortable outfits suitable for most activities‚ÄĒ from dog walking to a meeting or even a museum if you are so lucky.¬†

New Masks. 


Reach Out!

Have you noticed we added CHAT to the site? Have a question? Ask! We are here to help you. I'll be on chat this morning after the email goes out. My team takes turns replying, so let us know how we can help you. 

And you can always call the shop during store hours too. (info at the bottom of the email) Can't beat a real old-fashioned phone chat. :)

love, Lesley
February 04, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski
New for You. ūüĎó - Lesley Evers

New for You. ūüĎó

The Best Wrap Dress.

I am loving the new Jackie wrap dress in the Shakalaka Blue. It came out even better than I hoped. Today was sunny and cool so I wore it with my black leggings and boots. I was alright without my coat long enough for Curtis to take my photo. Beautiful California winter day!

Hostess Attire.

I'm pairing the new Valerie top with my Celie pants in Gems for a jumpsuit look. I love this outfit for my next dinner party. It's comfortable and colorful. And flattering too on my chubby tummy.

That Time of Year.

Next up is Valentine's Day so we have pretty pink outfits ready for you! 

Just Hearts.

Bring in February wearing our new Hearts Josephine pajamas. No reason not to have another pair. I love mine so much.

In the Mood for Pink. 

These pink scarves will give you a pick-me-up, I promise. They are light, airy, and 100% silk chiffon. Gift yourself a treat. A scarf collection is like collecting art.

Lots in the Works. 

I'm just motivated and inspired these days with a fantastic team backing me up. We have made a lot of updates and changes all around and things are running really well.

I've had my share of "I Love Lucy" episodes getting this business going  since starting in 2008, but I am happy to report smooth sailing is here. 

I'm grateful for all of you. Your sweet notes and words in person really keep going. I love making clothes for you!!

Love, Lesley
January 20, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski
Going Places. - Lesley Evers

Going Places.

Dressed Up.

I am eager to go out this year. While some things about the pandemic have turned into blessings, I really do miss going places. This year is going to be different. I am sure of it. 

We cut Grace in Navy Fleurette for Spring 2022. This dress is perfect for celebrations like a graduation, Easter or Mother's Day. I'm looking forward to all three. 

The Color Orange.

So cheerful! This cute dress is a great piece for a sunshine getaway. Or just hold onto it until the weather warms up. Either way you will be happy in it. 

Esme silk scarf Green Pears.

Blues and greens are always lovely, don't you think?

And as for pears‚ÄĒ they represent divine sustenance which is what I'm always seeking. So this one speaks to me. :)¬†

Lindsey Pant.

Navy Herringbone linen with a touch of stretch is a new fabric for this popular style. These are going to be some of my favorites for spring!


We cut the last of the Billiant Blue and Olive velour so if you missed out on the first batch now is your chance to grab one. 

Also restocked- Black Britt blazer. 

Fresh White Tops.

Need to freshen up the whites in your collection for spring? I have three new pieces that will do the trick. 

1. Valerie silky top Pearl. This one is gorgeous. For me it's a big- I WANT.   
(The first batch of solid black Valerie sold out quickly so we just restocked it.)

2. Annie top White Rib. A wide crew neck and soft ribbed fabric.  This tee is core to my wardrobe. 

3. Robyn White. A perfect layering piece under your Britt blazer. Just all around essential. 


We've added reviews to the website. If there's a product that you love I sure would appreciate it if you would go to the site and write a quick review. And add a photo of yourself‚ÄĒI'm loving these!

Some of you have already written reviews AND posted pics. Reading them has warmed my heart. Thank you, sincerely. 

Love, Lesley
January 17, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski
Welcome 2022! - Lesley Evers

Welcome 2022!

Fresh Start.

Doesn't the New Year feel good? I just love it. I've always been a dreamer‚ÄĒlooking ahead to all the possibilities. I am so hopeful that 2022 is going to be great.

My word for the year is Miracles. I cannot wait to see them! Do you believe in miracles? I do and look for them everyday. 

On another note, I am asking for some divine help in my efforts to lose these extra holiday pounds on top of my Covid pounds. I'm maxed out and ready to shift my eating habits in preparation for a Puerto Vallarta trip late February.

Black and White.


For the New Year I'm starting¬†with black and white‚ÄĒ¬†cleansing¬†the palette. These pieces are all classics. I know you will get a ton of wear out of each of them.¬†Add a splash of color‚ÄĒ anything goes!

1. Adele top in black and white jacquard paired with Esme scarf
2. Robyn in black
3. Cassidy faux suede skirt in black
4. Audrey in black and white jacquard

Just In.

This brown Adele top is a perfect match with the Cassidy in Caramel. Add this gorgeous Esme silk scarf to layer on some print. Nothing better than silk chiffon around my neck in the middle of winter.

Triple Layer Mask. 

Need a mask refresh?
Our masks have three layers.

Plus the middle layer is a webbed filtration fabric (more effective than woven) and¬†provides¬†95.1% protection against aerosol particles size: 0.3 microns. If that means something to you‚ÄĒ¬†great! I just know it's important info so I'm passing it along. :)¬†

We've stocked up lots of pretty prints, because that matters too since we have to put them on our face. For now. 

I hope you and your family are well. 
Happy New Year!
Love, Lesley
January 06, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Add Some Color!

Silk Chiffon Scarves.

Esme silk scarves are in the shop‚ÄĒ restocked and new prints! I love this one I have on‚ÄĒ Shakalaka Blue. It has lots of hues of blue and green, a touch of pink and purple and some black too. It really pops on my black tee.¬†

Sneak peek of an outfit in the works. This Annie tee and Audrey pant are at the factory and coming soon. Skakalaka Blue Esme scarf is ready to ship!

Go Big.

Update and upgrade your scarf collection with this 5-pack. Buy four and get the fifth for free. You cannot have too many of these colorful silk pieces. 

New Skirt Alert. (and tee too)

Meet Cassidy, a brand new style cut in caramel colored faux suede. This fabric feels soft and stretchy but is the most practical. It goes right in the washer/dryer and comes out like new every time.

I designed it with  pockets ( because I can't live without them) and a slit in the back. It hits well below the knee and has an A-line shape. 

Cassidy goes with most everything but this Shakalaka Gold tee is a perfect match.

Happy Holidays. 

Are you counting down the days to Christmas?
I am!

I still have a lots to do. Someday I won't work as hard and I'll have time to really enjoy things like decorating Christmas cookies. For now I'm busy with design, production and pitching in with shipping to be sure the packages are delivered to you all on time.

We feel like elves at the warehouse!

December 15, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski