Our BONNIE Bermuda Bag!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new Bermuda bag this Friday!

Do you remember carrying a Bermuda bag in the 70's? I sure do. It wasn't the most practical, but very memorable. We've taken the beloved vintage style and given it a modern design with essential upgrades:

  • Bonnie Stands Tall: The Bonnie bag stands upright on its own!
  • Spacious Interior: This bag fits so much more than a change purse, Chapstick and Grape Bubble Yum.
  • Easy Access: Effortlessly open and see inside your bag.

Nostalgia hit me hard this week; I even chopped off my hair! Annamaria from the shipping department gave me a new 70s-inspired hairstyle during lunch on Monday. Here I am, nearly 50 years later, with my 70s hairstyle and my revamped 70s bag.

But let’s get back to the star of the show—the Bonnie bag!


  • Shipping: Starts July 15th.
  • Pre-Order Special: Every pre-order comes with an extra cover. Choose TWO covers at no additional charge! (Each cover is reversible, offering you four different looks.)


  1. Add the Bonnie bag to your cart.
  2. Choose two covers.
  3. Deductions are applied at checkout—no promo code needed.

I hope this bag brings as much joy to you as it does to me!

Start Your Cover Collection

Each Bonnie bag ships with your choice of cover. Until July 15th receive an ADDITIONAL cover- so choose any TWO you like!  Lots of prints to choose from.


New prints are here in our Clementine shirtdress, along with a restock of Primrose. This sweet style covers both elbows and knees and features a flattering neckline with a round collar. Lots of ease through the body with a sash to cinch at the waist. Pockets of course. And with a matching Bonnie bag this outfit is a showstopper! 


A silk twill caftan just exudes loveliness, don't you agree? Our Serena is extra special, and I'm excited to share that we've just added two new prints to this beautiful style.

After Work

Yesterday, we wrapped up work early and enjoyed some pickleball and swimming. We brought along a sample of our new holiday picnic blanket design. Nancy, in a matching dress, modeled on the blanket after dinner by the pool, and I'm excited to share a behind-the-scenes photo of that moment.

We also played pickleball with our newest LE sample racquets and afterward passed them along to some ladies at the club who were sitting nearby. They sent a cute photo and thank you, which I've included as well.

We had a fantastic time, and the photos were the perfect finishing touch! Having fun AND getting cute photos checks all my boxes. :)

I hope you're finding time to enjoy the little moments and capture wonderful memories in photos too! Have a wonderful weekend.

Love, Lesley


Laura Pinkowski