Smile Inducing

Puppy Love. 

I already have three dogs so Curtis says another is out of the question. Wish I could have a sibling of this sweet pup that belongs to my friend Kellie. Nothing like a sweet, soft cuddly puppy. This girl is irresistible! 

Wearing the Gigi tunic dress in Gems. This piece is so comfortable and can be dressed up or down. Trimmed with baby pompoms. 

Below is Gigi in Green Pears. Really nice for a warm day! I love a tunic dress. All smiles. 

Short List of Restocks.

Along with the Bird shirts we cut the last of these prints to restock the Kathryns. If you missed one of these now is the time to get it. We weren't able to make very many more. 

Full Bus!

Last weekend my bus was filled with these lovely ladies all wearing my dresses. It was a warm night and we were at a dinner party in my neighbor Pam's backyard— a charity event to support East Bay Agency for Children (EBAC). 

The VW bus just brings out smiles, song and dance— I love it!

Photo of Curtis below from the party. It looks like he's at some tropical resort, but no, just up the street. :) 

Wishing you all some real joy.
We need it to lift each other up!

love, Lesley
May 27, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Boom Chicka Boom!

Bus Days Are Here! 

Warm sunny days are the best for driving my '71 VW bus around town. I'm happiest when the sunroof is open and it's filled with people. It seats 9 comfortably, in my opinion. I've always thought I would like to drive a school bus but the reality is probably very different than the music video version in my imagination. 

I'm wearing my brand new Phoebe dress in Chicka Boom Navy. It's really a light bright summer navy. This dress makes me happy. Blue is my favorite color.

Bird Shirt + Bird Skirt = Bird Dress Set!

We just got our Bird shirt from the factory and restocked the matching Bird skirt so all is ready to go. If you have the skirt, now is the time to get the matching top!  

Last But Not Least.

New Suzi tee in the shop in bright pink and orange.  I love this color combo.

Til Next Week.

Hope you all have great weekend.  
Closing with a little selfie of me and Curtis last weekend on our way to Santa Barbara. :)
love, Lesley
May 20, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Hello New Friend.

Introducing Freya. 

Our new skirt cut in French terry is in and ready to ship. I based the style off a customer favorite, Helen. With an elastic waistband, pockets and a straight but stretchy skirt, Freya is perfect for any summer day.

Above, I'm wearing mine with a sweater sample that we are going to have in few months, layered over my Annie tee in black. It also looks great with Annie Lilac

Below I'm wearing Freya in Blue Dots with a white tee and brand new white tennies. 


Casey took this photo of me in the warehouse the other day while I was trying on the Freya skirt in Gems and putting away the new inventory. Finding space in the E-F-G aisle. We are constantly shifting everything around. 

Packing This.

Curtis and I are going to Santa Barbara today to visit and celebrate our son Will who is turning twenty. I'm packing this outfit for tomorrow. The new Lindsey pant in a linen blend herringbone is lightweight and looks so pretty with my Cindi tee in Gems. I'm loving the browns. 

I made him a couple of bird pillow cases and a duvet cover. He's a birder so I know he will like it. We also got him a new sleeping bag and pad for his backpacking adventures. Can't wait to give it all to him and I hope he doesn't read this email! (99% sure he does not) 

Thank you for hanging in to the end. 
love, Lesley
May 13, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

That Dress!

New Colettes. 

One of our best-sellers—here in two new prints and available in sizes Tiny-TwoX.  

This is that dress you just throw on once a week. Flipflops, tennies or wedges, they all work with this sporty piece. Easy care— toss it in the washer and dryer and begin again.

Oldie but Goodie!

I first made this skirt style in 2010. Many of you have asked for a Kylie Comeback so here it is!

I'm wearing my Blue Fern Kylie skirt with my navy Justine. Naturally it's perfect with a white top but decided to show it this way. (Curtis's idea)

Below I have on the new Kylie skirt in Flower Power along with a Stella top from my closet, my Piggly Wiggly sunvisor, and a 6-pack of impatiens that I need to plant asap. Oh- and some new Clarks sandals. My brother-in-law insisted I busy some new shoes, he's tired of looking at the same old ones. :)

I know a lot of you already have this top. If you don't, they are coming to the site soon. Snag your Flower Power skirt while it's available!

Hello May!

What a great month. Are you loving it? I cannot wait for warmer weather. Lots of good times ahead. Birthdays, graduations, Mother's Day, baby showers and more. Maybe even a wedding if you are lucky. 
Big Smile. 
love, Lesley
May 06, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

For the Birds!

Bird Skirt.

It's here and we will start shipping it today. I do love this print. I have a fond place in my heart for Birders. This skirt has so many colors you can pair it with you any color top. I picked grey to match the little White Crowned Sparrow.

Just In!

Our Lola skirt is here in Seagrass Green and Woodpile Navy. This wrap skirt is just fun and easy. I like the length — a few inches below the knee. Also I added a hidden pocket under the wrap so you can stash your phone. :)

Flower Tee Time.

The Suzi tees are rolling in and here's the first print off the production line. This tee is so fun and happy. I know you will smile when you put it on!


Our newest dress Phoebe is flying off the shelf. I helped a lot with shipping this week and packed so many of them. I hope you all love it. Send me a photo!

End of Month.

Wrapping up April. It was a busy one! Thanks for all your orders and sweet notes. We are working hard to make lots of new things. Can't wait to show you. See you next month!

love, Lesley
April 29, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski


New Style.

Phoebe: Our scoop tee-shirt dress is here and ready to ship TODAY. Many of you have asked for a scoop and I agree- it's a great neckline! I made the first batch in Gems Light.

This cute everyday dress is cut in my favorite new cotton French terry fabric. Pockets you ask? You bet!


My friend Cynthia and her husband Justin came to visit for a few days this week from Dallas. She's modeling the newest Molly dress in Seagrass Yellow.

We've been friends for 30 years! At the start of 2022 she was diagnosed with cancer— lymphoma stage 2 non-favorable. Happy to report that half way through the chemo treatment the cancer is already in remission. God is good. Wow. Lots of things to be grateful for. 

Cynthia left Wednesday afternoon and was off at an event the next day with her former boss/friend Martha. Wearing her Arden dress— Shakalaka!

Lotta Lottie.

We just stocked the warehouse shelves with our lightweight and super soft skort. We've got two great prints to choose from. :)

Loving Lilac.

Annie is here in Lilac and it's a match with our Gems Light print. You can pair it with Lottie or Erika. 

Audrey for Spring!

We cut the Audrey pant in Flower Power Blue just for fun. If you love this style, love blue, and love flowers, well then here you go. Let's give them something to talk about! (listening to Bonnie Raitt) 

Sophia is wearing hers with the new Stella in navy that we just added to the collection.


We love our USPS delivery girl. For a long time we've offered the back of the shop to her to take breaks so she's like one of the team. Saturday she agreed to model a couple of outfits for us during her break. She looked so cute wearing the Molly dress in Shakalaka. We had a lot of fun and some giggles too. Love. 

Small Batch.

TIPPI in Green Dots. Just a little bit of this one. Fair warning. ;)


It's sweet friends that come to visit and cook, work and even model. We moved stuff, packed stuff, and figured out how to improve stuff. We love these two. :)

I hope you all have a great weekend!

love, Lesley
April 22, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Welcome Warm Weather.

Calm, Cool & Collected.

This new Ellie dress was perfect this afternoon. We had our first hot day. The warehouse completely warmed up and it was a no sweater, bare leg, warm breeze California day. 

That always puts a smile on my face. 

Casey (our in-charge-of-everything employee), Alan and Avery will be on vacation next week so I will be in charge of shipping- yikes!  Good news I'll have Curtis and Annamaria to help. 

Popsicle Days Ahead.

King Cone or coconut fruit bar? Curtis and stopped at the our local convenient store for ice cream bars on our way home the other day. I had this new Ellie dress on so we snapped pictures in the snack aisle.

Kinda embarrassing but we got it done. :) 

Ready for Spring.

Do you have Little Free Libraries in your neighborhood? Isn't this one so cute? It's just a house away from me and I love to poke around to see what treasures people leave.

The new blue floral Kathryn just makes me want to plant a flower garden. To be honest my vegetables were a complete flop last year so this season I'm focusing on a flower garden instead.

New Friend.

My artist friend Ceci Bowman texted me this photo from Palm Springs today and I love it.

She designed this scarf for my collection and she's wearing it as a cover up. I love how she puts things together. She inspires me with her always quirky and artful style. I'm lucky our paths crossed!

Old Friends.

I got to spend time last weekend in North Carolina with friends that I've had for nearly fifty years. They fill me up. I am so grateful for the history and bond we share.  

Back to my routine and grateful for that as well. :)

love, Lesley
April 08, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

New and Ready To Deliver. 🏠

Maeve Is Here.

My super popular tunic dress is in stock and ready to ship. Five years ago I made Maeve in Navy Scoops and have regretted that I didn't save one for myself. I doubt I'm the only one that wants this— so I made it again for you AND me. I'm keeping it this time around!

More restocked Maeves are below. All are ready to ship.

I'm headed to Charlotte, NC this weekend to visit friends and family, a trip that has been postponed several times. Still feeling like I am catching up from events missed during the past couple of years. You too?

Tunic Tops.

I wasn't sure what was going in this email this morning. Late in the day Curtis and I went to check in at one of our factories and to my surprise the Rowan in spring prints was ready to go! We came home and took photos just as the sun was going down.

In addition we have solid Rowan available in both Poppy Red and White linen, see below

Happy Day. I love a tunic shirt.  

Hey, Thanks!

As the business grows just want to say thanks— for your patience when we make shipping mistakes (sadly it happens), for the sweet notes cheering us on and for coming along for the ride. My team and I have been working really hard and it's so worth it having customers like you. 

I'm voting YOU ALL the best customers!

love, Lesley
April 01, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

We Got The Beat...

Just Home from the Go-Go's Concert.

I'm up late writing this email because I went to the Go-Go's in San Francisco with my brother, Otis.

I turned 16 in 1982 and in the spring of '83 I began driving Otis and my sister Drew to school every day in my 1969 Mustang convertible. It was dark green with a white interior. Each morning, top down, I would blast music and the Go-Go's were high on my list. So my little brother Otis fell in love with Belinda, Jane, Charlotte, Gina and Kathy in 3rd grade.  

Tonight I put on my new Kate top and Erika pants and pulled my hair up in a high ponytail to jump around and dance to the Go-Go's with my brother in the front row of a concert we'd planned to go to since the beginning of Covid- this was the 4th reschedule! We had a great night and reminisced of the days we rode to school together in my convertible.

New Juniper Dresses.

Seagrass Pink and Chicka Boom Green. I really do love these dresses. Both. I hope you do too. 
The Juniper will ship March 30th. The seamstresses are hard at work sewing them up. They really are doing a lovely job. I know you will be happy with them.

And, by the way, I've started to make 2X dresses. The new size is offered in this style. 

And Restock Juniper.

This Juniper sold so quickly at Thanksgiving that I made more fabric and cut it again.

It's so cute on Alex, my former employee. She worked for me when she was a student at UC Berkeley. I miss having her around but glad I get to see her occasionally. I twisted her arm to model a few weeks ago. :)

Dixie Skirt.

A new print is available in the Dixie skirt— Flower Nostalgia.
This skirt is especially great in hot weather. It's very lightweight. 
I am wearing it with the Annie and Carly cardigan

Pink Plaid.

Brand new and ready to ship these pants are perfect for cool spring days. The seamstresses took great care to match the plaids at the seams perfectly, taking pride in their work to make the best quality. For those of you who love a plaid pant, I know you can appreciate this!

I am wearing them with the new black Kate top

Sleeping in.

I'm planning on sleeping in tomorrow. It's almost 2am and I'm finally done with my day. Sustaining is a word that's been on my mind. I don't want to burn out so I like to take breaks and have some fun too. I have a long road ahead and I want to be equipped in every way. And I want that for you too. 
Til next week!
love, Lesley
March 25, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

My Newest Textile: Seagrass Green 🌱

Spring Spirit.

My newest textile design, Seagrass Green (above) is a fresh light green, aqua and navy pattern with a pop of white. The dress just sings spring to me.  

Sienna in Fern Black and White is back by popular demand (below). It's bold and beautiful.

Shakalaka Gold (bottom) is a small batch. I only had one roll of fabric leftover from the Bridget tee production. I like it even more than I expected. It has a seventies vibe which I love. 

Britt Navy Jacquard.

This little jacket is really easy to wear. It feel more like a sweater than a blazer. I'm wearing mine with my Justine tee in Navy. 

The Light Layer.

Just added four new cardigans to the site. We cut them to match the Annie tee, so pair them up if you like a matching set. The perfect layer for spring when it's just a tad cooler than you'd like.  

Farm Fresh.

We have friends visiting from Washington state. I love hearing all about their farm life. They have five baby lambs at the moment. Here's my gift from the farm— fresh eggs.  

It's 11pm and I'm too tired to keep working. I might have mistakes but I'm scheduling this email and sending as is. Thank you for overlooking my typos. :)

love, Lesley
March 18, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

It's Time to Put On Your Party Pants.

And Dance.

We just added two prints to the Erika style- Daisy and Gems (further down).  I promise you will make people smile when you wear them and that is always a good thing. 

I cut a small batch of Dandelion Britt blazers. I had some leftover buttons so I ordered just enough fabric to use them all up. I know that sounds backwards, but these are special buttons. To me at least. I appreciate a good button!

Brooklyn Solids.

Our solids are in stock! Choose from Blue, Natural, Black and White. I love this tomboy top. It's sporty and casual.


These pants sold too fast when we first posted them. We've quickly restocked and they are ready to ship! This time they will make it to the College Ave shop, I promise.
Boom Shakalaka! Let the good times flow. :)

Dixie Hydrangea.

This box pleat skirt is here for lots of occasions. Just had a customer ask what to wear to a baby shower- well here's a great option! As well as just out and about with sandals. A skirt covered in hydrangeas has my name on it for sure. 


Might be my favorite season, officially just about a week away. So much to look forward to and be hopeful for. I am grateful for the simple things in life these days. 

I hope your trees are budding and the birds are making nests in your yard. Enjoy!

love, Lesley

March 11, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

New Kathryn Tops

Kathryn Top.

These colorful cotton blouses were perfect on my Puerto Vallarta trip. Our factory finished 1 of each for me extra fast to go in my suitcase. The bulk of the production is ready today so we are ready to ship!

Four beautiful and colorful prints to choose from. I'm not sure which is my favorite.

Sleeping and Lounging.

These pajamas are my new favorite. The 100% cotton Josephine set is what I like to wear year-round.

Bad hair day. We went swimming in the ocean almost every morning and I just let my hair dry in the sun after half rinsing in the outdoor shower.

Around Town.

The Elaine dress was fabulous on my trip. As soon as the weather warms up it's going to be my go-to. I love pink and red and sunny days. :)


Yes, I packed table linens to take on my trip. I knew I wanted a photo by the water with our new Grey Woodpile print on the table.

Once I got there my enthusiasm to set up for photos faded. The house staff set the table for me and made accordion napkins. We were completely spoiled.


After eight days away it's not easy to get back into my work rhythm. Picking up my pace!

Lots and lots of new things in the works. This is going to be a great spring. Thank you for being my customer!

love, Lesley
March 03, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski