Out for a spin with Millicent ūüĆľ

Millicent Denim

After all the rain we've had I am very grateful for this sunny day! I just love a clear blue sky and this is our first time out top down in the new blue bug.

Millicent is one of my favorite core pieces in my wardrobe. This dress is super flattering and fun all year round. This classic piece goes great with  colorful tights when it's a little chilly or on its own all spring and summer.

NEW Coco Tights

We are so excited to bring out two new prints in our Coco patterned tights! Make way for Corinth Green and Zinna Blue. I absolutely love these fun prints paired with Millicent, a Kylie or Greta skirt, or just about anything :)

Behind the Scenes

Nancy caught a photo of Avery taking my picture in the new Bug. All five of us were piled in the little car, and it is LITTLE!  As you know, I do love a VW filled to the brim with people I love. 

Looking forward to the warm days ahead. I bet you are too. 

love, Lesley

January 27, 2023 — Laura Pinkowski

You Are Loved ūüíó


I can hardly believe February is around the corner! We're setting you up...with a new print! Be ready for Valentine's Day with a love inspired tee and skort or legging in Hearts Collage. 

Also just in,¬†an insulated tumbler in the classic Hearts print. We love this one and everyone around the office has been using one for their morning coffee‚Äďit's just so cute!

Evening With Friends

Last night‚ÄĒ¬†a little reunion with my Camino friends. We walked the trail from Portugal to Santiago, Spain together the fall of 2019. Seems so long ago.¬†¬†But dining together makes it feel like yesterday. I have such fond memories of that adventure with these women!

I hope this new year brings a special adventure to your life. 

love, Lesley

January 20, 2023 — Laura Pinkowski

Winterizing My Favorite Spring Shift ūüĆł

Skipping Through the Cold with Colette

I thought the best way to make the most of my favorite spring dress would be to winterize it! The perfectly matching Ida mock turtleneck is making this Colette gems warm for winter.

With both pieces you have lots of options. Wear together or apart. :)

Patterned Ida is here!

Speaking of Ida, our newest tee now comes in four of our favorite prints: Echinacea, Shakalaka, Flower Power, and of course Gems! Great for adding a pop of color while also staying cozy for winter and spring :)

Matching Coco Tights

Go all out and add matching Coco tights. We still have some available and they are PERFECT with the mock tee. 

BTW new prints are coming soon as well as restock of Burgundy Wave Coco tights.

Best Gift Ever

A dear family friend surprised Curtis with a gift of her 1977 VW convertible last weekend. (Mother of his best friend and best friend of his mother.) She was the original owner! Seriously we are beside ourselves.

I snapped this pic of Curtis Sunday morning as he was filling her up on our way to church. You will be seeing more of this cute VW named Nellie. She's a treasure.

love, Lesley


January 13, 2023 — Laura Pinkowski

Rain, New Dress and Resolutions ‚ėĒ‚ú®

Chit Chat About Weather

It has been darn cold and rainy here in the San Francisco Bay Area! We actually have had rain days where things just shut down, can you believe? For sure this sounds kooky to all of that live in seriously harsh snowy weather, but we aren't used to heavy rainfall and flooding has been complicating everything. Thinking that I should start making umbrellas...

Small Batch

My friend Anastasia came by the warehouse the other day and we photographed her in some of the newest pieces. I think the photos in this new Farmland Clementine turned out so cute!

I just love how Avery styled it with the Farmland tote. 100% I would wear these together. We didn't make very many so please don't pause if you want this. 

Cute Sale Items

Have you checked out our sale page? We have some really cute dresses. Both of these dresses can be layered with leggings or tights for these winter days. 


It's that time of year for fresh starts. I've committed to drinking vegetable smoothies daily. My mom has been drinking them for years so I'm using her recipe. 

In case you want to join me here's the recipe: 1 clove garlic, chunk of peeled ginger,  chunk of turmeric, 1/2 peeled lemon, 1 carrot, 1 celery stick, handful of greens (assorted spinach, chard, kale etc), 5 frozen strawberries,  handful of frozen blueberries. a banana plus a cup of water. I prepped them in jars to make it easy for the week (excluding the frozen fruit and water). 

Good luck to all of us on our resolutions. :) 

love, Lesley

January 06, 2023 — Laura Pinkowski

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a Happy New Year! We are making way for 2023 and just updated our SALE PAGE. 

It's been a long and rewarding year. Read on to see our staff picks for the season to wrap things up for 2022!

Aizah and Casey

Aizah is does most of the shipping. She arrives very early in the morning which is nice for you east coasters- she's here if you need her in the morning! 

Aizah is wearing the Burnt Orange Ramona and the Gems Bridget tee. 
Casey has recently returned from a two month maternity leave. She dips in and out of all areas of the business, mostly helping me with production. Her super-power is finding missing things.

Casey is wearing the Cassandra sweater-coat with the Ida turtleneck. She loves the coziness of this piece.

Nancy and Annamaria

Nancy is my design assistant. She is a wiz on the computer and is always trying to teach me things. 

Nancy's pick is the Clementine dress in Pink Dots. 
Annamaria helps with shipping and general inventory management. Her attention to detail is wonderful and she always has that beautiful smile on her face. 

Annamaria is wearing Justine Vintage Floral Blue, Greta Blue Suede and Ramona Black. 

Avery and Me

Avery is our in-house photographer. She is a giggly one, always happy to have some fun which I think makes her a great photographer. Everyone feels comfortable with her behind the camera!

Avery's pick is the Cleo dress in Magnolia with matching Thea scarf. This girl is into the matching, like me. 

And as for me, not even sure what to say. I dabble in everything here. As I build the team I like to think I am less and less critical. I'm working my way toward being able to take a three month sabbatical! :)

I love the Penelope dress and layered with the bright turtleneck it works during winter. 

The Warehouse Crew

I managed to get everyone that works in the warehouse in front of the pink backdrop just before Christmas. Together we design, manage production, photograph, market and ship everything to you. I love my work family. 

As the business is growing we will be adding a few more people to the team here and opening a new store or two in 2023. I'm excited to share all the new with you. 2023 is going to be an adventure. :)

Wishing you a very Happy New Year with prayers that lots of goodness comes to you!

love, Lesley

December 30, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Check Off Your ListūüéĄ

Casual Holiday Outfit

Cute outfit. Check. 
Tabitha is back in stock and I'm so happy because I didn't get one first time around. This is going to be my holiday hostess outfit. 

Nancy (my design assistant) and I are showing how to layer this jumpsuit with a tee and even add a Thea scarf. She chose Justine Plumes and I have on a solid Ida in Navy Blue. 

Below Nancy is wearing the Ramona cardigans. Love this sweater. It's a great gift. Super soft, cozy and roomy.

Last Call

Gift List. Check.
This is the last weekend to order online in time for Christmas. We will upgrade your shipping to ensure delivery. I am a last minute shopper as well ‚ÄĒ no judgment if you aren't finished!

Just a friendly reminder that now is the time to get it done. Come shop our gift page. We have put together so many cute and colorful things for you to choose from!

Count Down

I'm in that mode of trying to check everything off my list. I bet you are too. If you are local, I'll be in the shop on Saturday and happy to help you. Pop in to say hello. 

love, Lesley

December 16, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Our Holiday Favorites

Holiday Dress Highlight

Still looking for that perfect holiday dress? We have so many great options! 

Gift Ideas

We have the cutest gifts ready to ship. Delight the ones you love!

December 13, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Holiday Fun

Most Essential

The black denim knit fabric in the Audrey is the ORIGINAL way we cut this pant, but it's better this time with pockets. Many of you have asked me to make these again to replace the ones you bought years ago. And for new customers they come highly recommended. :)

Print Ida Mock Turtleneck coming soon. I'm wearing the first factory sample. 

Party Dress

This is the perfect dress for your holiday party. The holiday red is just so festive! I even added some red lipstick and wow I feel so dressed up! 

Makeup Bags

We are stocked and ready to ship these cute new makeup bags in a few of our customer-favorite prints. This is sure to be a gift that will delight the recipient. Clear vinyl pockets so you can see everything and a hook for hanging it up.

Love Your Pajamas?

We love our Josephine pajamas. We hope you do too. Avery and Nancy had fun making this cute gif yesterday. 


Sometimes it gets a bit hectic and I pause to take a deep breath. My sister and I both have December birthdays and along with Christmas I think my mom must have been on the verge of nervous breakdown. Somehow she always pulled it off with grace.

Please don't put too much pressure on yourself. Try and have fun. It's so much better for everyone!

love, Lesley

Photo below: me taking pictures of Avery (our photographer) and Nancy (my design assistant) while they pose in PJs. I'm layered up because our warehouse is chilly! Wearing my really old original Black Denim Knit Audrey pants. :)

December 09, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

It's All About Tights

Be Playful!

Our print tights are here‚ÄĒ¬†bright and beautiful in three of my favorite textiles. Get in a playful mood with print to the tips of your toes! Our Coco tights are so soft,¬†stretchy and extra comfy. ¬†

I love wearing them and I am already wrapping them up as Christmas gifts for my girlfriends. 

Blue Plumes

I'm just loving this Ginger dress on my cute customer Erin. She came by the warehouse to model for me. This dress is  great layered with black tights and boots. 


We have lots to choose from‚ÄĒ fun and sophisticated colorful totes, scarves, velvet pouches, make-up bags and more! And our Ivy tote bags are restocked in all prints.¬†

Spring Styles

It's cold and raining outside and we are busy inside working on  new spring styles. The girls are trying on the first samples of our new wide leg pant, coming soon!

I hope you are staying warm and enjoying this holiday season. Christmas is around the corner, can you believe it? 

Have a happy weekend. :)

love, Lesley

December 02, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

New Arden‚ú®

Green Wave

I added this dress to the website on Wednesday and I can already tell it's going to be a popular one. It started selling immediately.

Green wave is just a fun dress and the colors are so pretty. Pair it with the Esme scarf if you like a matching dress/scarf set. :)

Grace Dress

These pretty dresses have arrived. I'm wearing the Hydrangea print and Jenny has on the Magenta Blooms. She works next door so I snagged her to model for me today.

This dress is so pretty on her and it really did make her smile. Extra cute with her white tennis shoes. Click through to see full length photo.

The Grace dress is perfect for so many things‚ÄĒ a wedding, holiday party or just out to dinner. I love my box pleat dresses, they are so feminine. And of course they do have pockets!

Silky Valerie Tops

Back in stock for the holiday season! These silky solids are so easy and add a dressed-up look without effort. Layer with a silk scarf to add more color and texture. 

Nancy is wearing the Charcoal Valerie. I'm really loving her new haircut. Her roommate chopped it off for her.  

The pink really is a neon pink. I am thrilled with how it turned out. And the Robin's Egg Blue- this one is a restock and just so pretty. 


We just restocked these popular Arden dresses Shakalaka Orange and Vintage Floral Brown. Click on through if you wanted one and missed out! 


I feel like Christmas is here. Thankfully it's actually 2 months away. 

Our gift page is stocked up with more coming each week. This week we received our insulated cups and hair scrunchies. Really cute and colorful!

Last week we added the velvet embroidered pouches.

Coming soon: cosmetic bags, laptop covers, dishtowels, printed tights, totes and more. 

Sneak Peek

This burnt orange cardigan is coming very soon! It's really soft with great drape and patch pockets. I just love it and with this scarf and faux suede skirt.

All three will be ready hopefully next week. Fingers crossed. Oh- and did you see the matching scrunchie? Underneath I have on Bridget in Vintage Floral Brown. Perfect Thanksgiving outfit. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

love, Lesley

October 28, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Another Week, Another Email.

Magnolia Obsession

I had a magnolia tree in my front yard when I was young. I loved to climb it and remember perching high above the ground and nervous about the descent. Up was always easier than down! I think I've always forged ahead without thinking through everything. It's my nature. 

Just in‚ÄĒ¬†Tilda in Magnolia. I think this is a pretty dress for holiday and beyond. Lots of whites, a minty celery, chartreuse and¬†a black ground. This is that dress you keep for a very long time. Especially if magnolias have a special place in your heart.¬†¬†

Golden Gate Park

Wednesday I spent the afternoon at our factory in San Francisco. Afterwards I drove my design assistant, Nancy,¬†home through Gold Gate Park. We popped out to take photos of our new Maeve dresses‚ÄĒ 2 prints to choose from.

It was a beautiful evening. Still warm enough to go without a sweater. Just a perfect California fall day.

Annie Stripe tee

After dropping Nancy at her apartment I went to my son's flat and we went to dinner together. He took this photo of me in the new Annie tee. 

Here's how weekly emails happen:  I wash my hair Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. I carry around a bag of new clothes on Wednesday and Thursday. I twist the arm of however is with me (usually Curtis) to take yet ANOTHER photo.

Thankfully I'm surrounded by friends and family with a lot of patience! :) It's an ongoing part of my life now. And I thank you all for reading them and for your kind words. You keep me going!


Our velvet pouches have been so popular for gifting. We just got our new designs in for the holidays. 

Below are just two of the sets that I posted yesterday. Lots to choose from. Even a larger size for iPads and more. Have you started your holiday shopping?

New Discovery

Scrolling through my personal photos to share something and this is might be the most exciting thing of my week.

Am I the only one that had never had these popsicles? Just tried one for the first time last week and finished off the box in three days. They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  My new favorite treat. 

I hope you are all finding new things to love, even if it's just a honeydew popsicle!

love, Lesley

October 21, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

New Dress!

Easy Dress-Up

This Betsy dress is great for the coming season of gathering. I love how comfortable it is to wear. The fabric is soft and stretchy with an elevated sheen. Gently wash this dress in the machine and tumble dress as a delicate. 

Choose from elegant Charcoal or go with a pop of beautiful Olive. Both will serve you well this holiday season! Forget your little black dress and say hello to Betsy. 

Winnie pant

We cut the last of our Birds and Butterflies cotton sateen in this cute Winnie pant. 

This trouser fits like our Nora pant but is cut with a full length inseam. Perfect now that the weather is cooling. The mock turtleneck I'm pairing it with is coming soon. I love a dark navy this time of year!

Feeling Better

I am for the most part past Covid. Just a cough is lingering. I made it through the week working all day each day. Then dinner and in bed at 7:30.

Admittedly I got into a slump and wasn't quite sure how I would get back to doing all that I need to do. I just took it one day at a time with low expectations. 

Closing with a cute photo that my customer/friend Amanda sent to me after I had spent 10 days in my PJs. This one really made me smile. :)

Hope you all have a healthy and fun weekend!

love, Lesley

October 14, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski