New Arden✨

Green Wave

I added this dress to the website on Wednesday and I can already tell it's going to be a popular one. It started selling immediately.

Green wave is just a fun dress and the colors are so pretty. Pair it with the Esme scarf if you like a matching dress/scarf set. :)

Grace Dress

These pretty dresses have arrived. I'm wearing the Hydrangea print and Jenny has on the Magenta Blooms. She works next door so I snagged her to model for me today.

This dress is so pretty on her and it really did make her smile. Extra cute with her white tennis shoes. Click through to see full length photo.

The Grace dress is perfect for so many things— a wedding, holiday party or just out to dinner. I love my box pleat dresses, they are so feminine. And of course they do have pockets!

Silky Valerie Tops

Back in stock for the holiday season! These silky solids are so easy and add a dressed-up look without effort. Layer with a silk scarf to add more color and texture. 

Nancy is wearing the Charcoal Valerie. I'm really loving her new haircut. Her roommate chopped it off for her.  

The pink really is a neon pink. I am thrilled with how it turned out. And the Robin's Egg Blue- this one is a restock and just so pretty. 


We just restocked these popular Arden dresses Shakalaka Orange and Vintage Floral Brown. Click on through if you wanted one and missed out! 


I feel like Christmas is here. Thankfully it's actually 2 months away. 

Our gift page is stocked up with more coming each week. This week we received our insulated cups and hair scrunchies. Really cute and colorful!

Last week we added the velvet embroidered pouches.

Coming soon: cosmetic bags, laptop covers, dishtowels, printed tights, totes and more. 

Sneak Peek

This burnt orange cardigan is coming very soon! It's really soft with great drape and patch pockets. I just love it and with this scarf and faux suede skirt.

All three will be ready hopefully next week. Fingers crossed. Oh- and did you see the matching scrunchie? Underneath I have on Bridget in Vintage Floral Brown. Perfect Thanksgiving outfit. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

love, Lesley

October 28, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Another Week, Another Email.

Magnolia Obsession

I had a magnolia tree in my front yard when I was young. I loved to climb it and remember perching high above the ground and nervous about the descent. Up was always easier than down! I think I've always forged ahead without thinking through everything. It's my nature. 

Just in— Tilda in Magnolia. I think this is a pretty dress for holiday and beyond. Lots of whites, a minty celery, chartreuse and a black ground. This is that dress you keep for a very long time. Especially if magnolias have a special place in your heart.  

Golden Gate Park

Wednesday I spent the afternoon at our factory in San Francisco. Afterwards I drove my design assistant, Nancy, home through Gold Gate Park. We popped out to take photos of our new Maeve dresses— 2 prints to choose from.

It was a beautiful evening. Still warm enough to go without a sweater. Just a perfect California fall day.

Annie Stripe tee

After dropping Nancy at her apartment I went to my son's flat and we went to dinner together. He took this photo of me in the new Annie tee. 

Here's how weekly emails happen:  I wash my hair Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. I carry around a bag of new clothes on Wednesday and Thursday. I twist the arm of however is with me (usually Curtis) to take yet ANOTHER photo.

Thankfully I'm surrounded by friends and family with a lot of patience! :) It's an ongoing part of my life now. And I thank you all for reading them and for your kind words. You keep me going!


Our velvet pouches have been so popular for gifting. We just got our new designs in for the holidays. 

Below are just two of the sets that I posted yesterday. Lots to choose from. Even a larger size for iPads and more. Have you started your holiday shopping?

New Discovery

Scrolling through my personal photos to share something and this is might be the most exciting thing of my week.

Am I the only one that had never had these popsicles? Just tried one for the first time last week and finished off the box in three days. They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  My new favorite treat. 

I hope you are all finding new things to love, even if it's just a honeydew popsicle!

love, Lesley

October 21, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

New Dress!

Easy Dress-Up

This Betsy dress is great for the coming season of gathering. I love how comfortable it is to wear. The fabric is soft and stretchy with an elevated sheen. Gently wash this dress in the machine and tumble dress as a delicate. 

Choose from elegant Charcoal or go with a pop of beautiful Olive. Both will serve you well this holiday season! Forget your little black dress and say hello to Betsy. 

Winnie pant

We cut the last of our Birds and Butterflies cotton sateen in this cute Winnie pant. 

This trouser fits like our Nora pant but is cut with a full length inseam. Perfect now that the weather is cooling. The mock turtleneck I'm pairing it with is coming soon. I love a dark navy this time of year!

Feeling Better

I am for the most part past Covid. Just a cough is lingering. I made it through the week working all day each day. Then dinner and in bed at 7:30.

Admittedly I got into a slump and wasn't quite sure how I would get back to doing all that I need to do. I just took it one day at a time with low expectations. 

Closing with a cute photo that my customer/friend Amanda sent to me after I had spent 10 days in my PJs. This one really made me smile. :)

Hope you all have a healthy and fun weekend!

love, Lesley

October 14, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Covered in Tulips.

My Week

I've been in bed since last weekend with Covid. I'm finally feeling better and am eager to get back to work.  Now I'm just trying to remember where I left things when I came down with it a week ago. I have a bit of brain fog! 

Yes, my pajamas match my bedding. Goofy, I know. The pink tulips make me happy, as does my dog Lily who has been keeping me company.

Just In

I do love a good striped tee. We have four colors to choose from.

Thanks to all these lovely ladies that modeled them for me! And a big thank you to my photographer, Avery. :)


We just restocked our Carly cardigan in Black, Navy and Tomato. In addition we have these new colors below: Pearl, Cinnamon and Bordeaux.

I must have 10 of these in my closet. They are my favorite layer year-round. 

Esme Scarf

I just added this Esme scarf to the website. It looks so pretty with all the fall colors! It's one of my favorites.
Amanda is wearing hers with her Olive Britt blazer.


We finally got our restock in of Valerie in Black. This is that top you will wear all the time, I promise. So cute on Megan with her Orange Plaid Sarah pants! The perfect October outfit. 


I am so thankful to have a great team. Annamaria and Aizah held down the fort at the warehouse this week while Nancy and I were both home sick. They shipped all your packages, counted inventory and stocked the store. 

And Avery single-handedly styled and photographed all the clothing. Here she is signing off on Thursday night at 6:30pm. Finally done. 

She's off on a 3-week trip to Europe. I'm going to miss her!
Til next week...

love, Lesley

October 07, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Matching Sets: The Way To Go!

Valerie + Celie = Jumpsuit

New Valerie tops are here and I am showing them as a matching set with the Celie pant just because I'm loving all over print. Plus they look great to mix and match as well. 

This little blue bug was my find but has become Curtis's love. It's too hard for me to drive but I love being a passenger. Even in the tiny backseat. The world just looks better through the window of an old VW. I can't explain why but it's a real thing.  


Below are two more Valerie + Celie combos for you to choose from. I honestly don't have a favorite. I'm so curious to see what you all pick!

Is Blue For You?

I love the Gigi caftan dress and just cut some of the Blue Flower Power print in this style. It's a small batch because I didn't have a lot of fabric. 

I go between medium and large but in Gigi I prefer the large because I like a looser fit. If there's one left at the end of next week I'm snagging it. :) I'll give you all first dibs. 

Quick Trip 

My assistant Nancy and I went to LA this week to shop for fabric at the LA Textile show. It was a quick trip and her first ever business trip, so that made it extra fun for both of us. 

We had great meals, acai bowls and the best iced coffee ever. We stayed in a beautiful hotel. We shopped for fabric and found some things we love. And met new people.

All good. 
Wishing goodness for you this weekend.

love, Lesley

September 30, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

It's All About Blazers....

Britt Blazers

Britt blazers are here for Fall!
THREE colors to choose from: Brown, Olive and Black. 

ABOVE: My friend Donna came by to visit me today and I twisted her arm to pose in a photo. We've been sitting together in church since 2004. It's our thing. We just find each other on Sunday morning. No plan. Show, no show, late, whatever.  A hug, a smile, maybe a tear and a prayer. 

BELOW: Elaine is modeling the Britt in black which I must say is super cute on her! Elaine has helped me on and off with production for the past few years. She always shows up with a big smile and sometimes a sweet treat. 

Great for Layering

Stella is a core piece that I keep in my closet. Three pretty colors to choose from this week. Teal, Merlot and Navy.  

Tried and True

Maeve Gems is back in stock by popular demand. 
Yay! And more prints coming soon. 
This dress is so easy to wear.  Simple, comfortable, colorful clothing makes me happy. 

Having Fun 

We are working hard in the studio and warehouse. Taking breaks and having a little fun is important. Yesterday these two made this cute little GIF at the end of a long today to add some silliness to this email. 

Thank you Nancy and Avery! (wearing their favorite Bridget tees)

My tip for the week: The secret to life is enjoying the passage time.  (lyrics by James Taylor) 

love, Lesley

September 23, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Tee Time.

Bridgets Tees

Bridget tees are finally back in stock just in time for long-sleeved weather. I'm wearing mine under my Tabitha denim jumpsuit

Choose from three new patterns or the restock of Gems. They are so cute and easy to throw on over jeans or Audrey pants.


Just keeping the favorites in stock for you. Our best-selling  Kathryn blouse has just been restocked! yay!

I am sitting in the entrance of my studio against my new wallpaper, just installed by me and Curtis. We used the sticker back paper and the installation went very smoothly. I haven't had time to post the new wallpaper on the website but I promise it's coming soon. 

College Friend

Kathy and I became friends at UPenn. (now she's a professor there) She is seriously one of the nicest people I know. Recently she hosted a wedding at her home for a friend of a friend of a friend! 140 people! That is way beyond me. Her over the top generosity inspires me.

She had a successful freshman drop-off at Santa Clara University. Now that her son will be on the west coast for fours years I'm sure to see more of her. I love when my east coast peeps come see me. 

I hope you all have some fun connections with old friends happening too. It really brings joy!

love, Lesley

September 16, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Hot Hot Hot!

Heat Wave

It was so hot today I didn't want to wear these fall clothes outside so Avery photographed Elaine, Laura and me on the white backdrop in our studio. Today was one of those days that makes me look forward to cooler weather!

In a few weeks I will be wearing these cute plaid Sarah pants with a new Christie V-neck rib tee and this freshly restocked Esme scarf

Laura has on the Ivory Plaid Sarah pant and the Christie in Black

Christie Tee

Elaine has on the Christie tee in Green which I love on her. We tied the Esme Green Wave scarf around her hair and she pulled out her vintage Christian Dior sunglasses. And of course the Audrey pants which we recently restocked. 

Four great color to choose from in this new V-neck tee. :)

Pink Echinacea

This is one of my favorite dresses. I love it so much I'm making a matching mock turtleneck to go underneath for cooler weather, coming soon. But for now I'm liking it just like this.

All Over Print

I wore Blue Fern head to toe today (now yesterday). I'm just sitting in a chair in the warehouse without a desk writing this email. We haven't unpacked our desk legs yet— no idea where they are. Lots more setting up to do.

I hope you all have a great weekend and it's not too hot!

love, Lesley

September 09, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

THE Denim Jumpsuit and More. 😍

City Sunset

The Tabitha denim jumpsuit has arrived and it was worth the wait. I started this project at the beginning of 2022. Debuting this sweet piece on the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset with wedge sandals and Esme scarf. :)

I dropped off a few jumpsuits at the shop earlier this week and the first one sold 10 minutes later. A cute customer popped in looking for something to wear that evening in San Francisco. She wanted an elevated but casual look so Linda pulled this out of the bag and it was perfect. 

Celie + Esme

Celie is here in two prints: Gems and Shakalaka. Ready to go with matching scarves if you are up for matching. Seems I can't get enough. (and I have more coming)

Back to School

I have a lot of customers that are teachers and principals. I love that these women wear my cheerful clothing at school. 

My cute online customer Jennifer F. from Illinois sent me this photo and message:
 "First days of school are best with a Lesley Evers dress, says this principal!"
Thank you Jennifer. xoxo You wear it so well!

And, by coincidence, we have a small batch restock of this cute dress that Jennifer is wearing in case you feel inspired.

Vacation Sunset

Curtis, the boys +1 girlfriend and I landed on Kauai yesterday. After settling into the house and working on this email we ended the day with a swim in the ocean.

Meanwhile in Oakland, my team is moving the warehouse down the street to a bigger space. I did not purposefully skip out, it just happened that way. It's hard for me to not be there but I'm so far away I've almost forgotten that it's happening. 

I hope all is well for each of you. 
love, Lesley

August 26, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Lots of New!

Simple Tunic Dress.

I adore this new style Madison. I wear mine without the sash most of the time. It hits me just below the knee. I like the loose fit and have even tied the sash as a headband.

Click through to the product page to see the dress cinched at the waist. Probably cuter.

Update your PJ Collection!

I mean, can you have too many? I don't do laundry often so I like to have a lot of pajamas and the Josephine set is all I wear. 

Our latest shipment just arrived and we all are thrilled. Everyone in the warehouse got to pick a pair to keep and conveniently we all chose a different set. Here were are outside posing for you. :) 

I kept mine on for the remainder of the day. 

Tees and Scarves

We have a couple of new Annie tees and paired each with a beautiful new Esme scarf. Cute Emily modeled them for me before heading back to college. On the bottom she is wearing the Kylie skirt in denim. Just a great basic.


With the help of my summer intern Patsy, I got the nerve to start Lives on Instagram every Friday at 9:30am Pacific time. Join in today. I'll show all the pieces in this email and answer any question you might have. Hope to see you there. 

Third Time's a Charm

I had originally planned family trip to Hawaii for the summer 2020, and you know that story. Then I rescheduled for summer of 2021 but the Governor asked tourists NOT to come the week before, so we postponed yet again.

Finally our Hawaii trip is happening. We are taking our boys and my son's girlfriend, Avery (same Avery that works for me) for a week. We plan on doing lots of hiking, snorkeling and swimming. 

Next week I will be emailing from Kauai. It's a vacation that I've waited a very long time for!

Wish me luck. 
love, Lesley

Below: Selfie from Avery, our in-house photographer, while taking a photo of Emily, our summer employee at her home in the Annie top and Kylie skirt. 


August 19, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski


Brown or Blue?

Get ready for cooler weather with one or both of these dresses! Arden is here in Vintage Floral Brown, with a matching scarf if you are all in.

Ginger in Blue Plumes is a WOW in this jumbo scale. I just love blue and these hues are gorgeous. 

Esme Scarves

Thanks to my customer Elaine for letting us photograph her in the newly arrived Esme scarves. These silk chiffon beauties have a hand-fringed edge. I think I have a dozen in my collection. I can't decide which of these I'm going to keep. I love them all. 

Found Some Fabric!

I found a little more Shakalaka Lilac and cut it in the Elaine dress. Only enough to make 31 dresses. This tiny batch won't last long. 

Curtis and I have several old cars. This little navy blue bug remains a favorite. I prefer to ride, not drive. :) 

California Summer

My friend's daughter, Patsy spent her summer with us. She arrived in June and returned to Charlotte NC Tuesday. The last night she was here we walked the Gold Gate Bridge together. She wanted to see the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. We checked that box and the next day she was a on a plane home.

I'm missing having her to pal around with. We watched A Cinderella Story and Pitch Perfect, two of her favorites that I had never seen being a mom of boys. We shopped, cooked, and crafted and I enjoyed every minute. 

It was so nice to have a borrowed daughter. :)
Have a great weekend!
love, Lesley

August 12, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski

Staff Picks :)

Back and Bright

The Tegan caftan dress is back in two new prints – Blue Bullseye and Pink Pears! I love this caftan this summer. It's a cotton-linen blend that's super light and breathable. Pair it with your favorite flip flops or sandals for an easy summer look.

Staff Picks

These are our favorites from top to bottom:

Casey (9 months pregnant!) is wearing the Tegan in Pink Pears. This caftan is fresh from the factory so get yours while they last :)

Emily bops between the store and the warehouse doing a little bit of everything. Her pick is the Tilda in Birds and Butterflies.  I love the shape of this dress – so flattering. This dress is perfect for any party, and Emily certainly looks good to go!

Aizah packs your orders and she is one focused woman working hard to get everything to you in a timely way. She's in the Elliot in Chickaboom Blue. This French terry top is so soft and flattering, and did I mention it comes in three other prints? Check them out on our website.

Annamaria also packs your orders and I know sends sweet notes to all of you in her pretty handwriting.  Her recommendation – the Bobbi top and the Lindsey pant. The Bobbi top is such a staple to any wardrobe, and I love how the bright blue pops. The Lindsey pant in Denim is definitely a must-have. They are the most comfortable "denim" pants I own – I just don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to jeans without an elastic waistband.

Staff Picks cont.

Patsy is wearing the Nora pant in Blue Fern. Although these pants don't have an elastic waistband, the cotton sateen gives them a little stretch so they're still super comfortable. She pairs hers with the Annie top in White.

Linda is Head of Sales and runs the shop. Her pick is the Erika pant in Navy Scoops. She pairs hers with the Bobbi top in Navy and Carly cardigan in Red-Orange Rib. So cute!

Nancy is my design assistant. She wears the Jackie wrap dress in Waterloo Blue. This dress has become a staple in my closet – it's so versatile and can easily be dressed up or down. Check it out in Vintage Floral Pink too!

Avery is our in-house photographer and her pick is the Haley in Pink Jumbo Blooms. Pair it with clogs like Avery or sneakers for the perfect everyday look. 

Back in Stock!

Along with the new Tegan prints I cut all the leftover fabric from the last cut, so if you were sad to miss one of the earlier prints now is the time to pick up these caftans.  A great addition to any wardrobe. :)

Summer Nights

My brother Otis picked my up last Friday night and took me to the Dixie Chicks Concert. (photo of us in line to enter below- a selfie I sent to my mom) It was really so much fun. Everyone was smiling and dancing and just so happy. We had a great time.

Tonight we are having friends for dinner. Making the most of summer nights. I hope you are too. This might be my favorite time of year. :)
love, Lesley


August 07, 2022 — Laura Pinkowski