Calm, Cool & Collected.

This new Ellie dress was perfect this afternoon. We had our first hot day. The warehouse completely warmed up and it was a no sweater, bare leg, warm breeze California day. 

That always puts a smile on my face. 

Casey (our in-charge-of-everything employee), Alan and Avery will be on vacation next week so I will be in charge of shipping- yikes!  Good news I'll have Curtis and Annamaria to help. 

Popsicle Days Ahead.

King Cone or coconut fruit bar? Curtis and stopped at the our local convenient store for ice cream bars on our way home the other day. I had this new Ellie dress on so we snapped pictures in the snack aisle.

Kinda embarrassing but we got it done. :) 

Ready for Spring.

Do you have Little Free Libraries in your neighborhood? Isn't this one so cute? It's just a house away from me and I love to poke around to see what treasures people leave.

The new blue floral Kathryn just makes me want to plant a flower garden. To be honest my vegetables were a complete flop last year so this season I'm focusing on a flower garden instead.

New Friend.

My artist friend Ceci Bowman texted me this photo from Palm Springs today and I love it.

She designed this scarf for my collection and she's wearing it as a cover up. I love how she puts things together. She inspires me with her always quirky and artful style. I'm lucky our paths crossed!

Old Friends.

I got to spend time last weekend in North Carolina with friends that I've had for nearly fifty years. They fill me up. I am so grateful for the history and bond we share.  

Back to my routine and grateful for that as well. :)

love, Lesley
Laura Pinkowski