Maeve Is Here.

My super popular tunic dress is in stock and ready to ship. Five years ago I made Maeve in Navy Scoops and have regretted that I didn't save one for myself. I doubt I'm the only one that wants this— so I made it again for you AND me. I'm keeping it this time around!

More restocked Maeves are below. All are ready to ship.

I'm headed to Charlotte, NC this weekend to visit friends and family, a trip that has been postponed several times. Still feeling like I am catching up from events missed during the past couple of years. You too?

Tunic Tops.

I wasn't sure what was going in this email this morning. Late in the day Curtis and I went to check in at one of our factories and to my surprise the Rowan in spring prints was ready to go! We came home and took photos just as the sun was going down.

In addition we have solid Rowan available in both Poppy Red and White linen, see below

Happy Day. I love a tunic shirt.  

Hey, Thanks!

As the business grows just want to say thanks— for your patience when we make shipping mistakes (sadly it happens), for the sweet notes cheering us on and for coming along for the ride. My team and I have been working really hard and it's so worth it having customers like you. 

I'm voting YOU ALL the best customers!

love, Lesley
Laura Pinkowski