Dancing Friends.

This cute tee makes a fun Christmas gift for a friend or relative. The dancing ladies wearing my clothes were illustrated by my friend Ceci Bowman. Available in store and online. Make it easy on yourself and have us ship directly to your loved one. Remember our shipping is always free.

Selfie because Curtis (husband and iphone photographer) went to Santa Barbara to pick up our son Will for break.

All New PJs.

Yay— new prints are here! Just in time to ship to you for the holiday. :) 
Butterflies & Birds or Shakalaka Lilac? I'm keeping both! 

Favorites Restocked.

These two prints are top sellers so we restocked them for the holiday season. Tried and true. 

Happy 6-0 to Emily! 

I was in the shop yesterday when my artist friend Emily popped in to pick up something to wear for her sixtieth birthday celebration today. She chose the Bridget tee in the Gems print— just restocked in case you missed it the first time.

I wish I had more time to be in the store. It's so fun having people just walk in to visit. Makes me happy each time I see your smiling faces.

In the holiday spirit. :)


ps. Closing with a 6am selfie in my new Josephine pajamas. Up early to proof for typos and hoping my cup of coffee has kicked in! 
Laura Pinkowski