Tencel and Birds.

I ordered a green pencil tree for my shop and an 9' gold tencel pencil tree is what was delivered. No time for returns so gold tercel it is! I decided to cover it with birds. I still have white doves coming but so far it's looking good. 

I'm wearing the Juniper dress in Fleurette— back by popular demand. 

Mom n' Pop Shop.

That's us— me and Curtis (behind the camera). Every week with new clothes fresh from the factory and our fancy camera gear (Curtis' iPhone.)  We set out to photograph the new pieces in time to get them into this weekly email. We laugh, we disagree. We have successes and flops. It's a weekly challenge that comes around faster than we'd like. 

This week Curtis thought he was done taking photos of me (and I confirmed). Unfortunately when we went to sort through them, they were all out of focus! With the sun going down so early in the day we have less time than ever so we go too fast. Clearly we both need glasses.

Anyway- you can click on the image and get a better idea of this new top. It's full of color and loveliness. And not at all blurry in real life. :)

In Stock and In Store.

The new Valerie top will be in store this weekend. We are picking it up from the factory today and shipping all the orders.

Pair with these cute new striped Audrey pants in black and blue. A great option if you love this style. 


Tomorrow is my 55th birthday. My sister-in-law sent me this really sweet box of tiny cupcakes  (in focus photo by Curtis) They are so cute I had to show you and say a big THANK YOU to Amy! I hope she'll read my email. :)

Fifty-five is such a great number. 5 represents God's grace. This is the year of double grace for me— and you too if you are 55! Life is full of so much goodness. 

Happy and almost 55. 

love, Lesley
Laura Pinkowski