It's All About Dresses. - Lesley Evers

It's All About Dresses.

Tegan: Just in or heading out?

The Tegan caftan is so comfortable. Wether I'm just in my house or heading out to take on the day I feel at ease in this dress. Sometimes if it's cold I just wear my Reese leggings underneath.

The other day I got a great image of my friend Natalie in the Navy Scoops Tegan walking through her kitchen while she didn't even realize I was taking her picture. I love a candid photo.

While I love Tegan, a caftan is not for everyone. So don't worry, there's more— keep scrolling. :)

GINA the Faux Wrap. 

I realize I say comfortable a lot but that's kind of what I do.  I make clothes that you look great in and feel great in.  Seriously, there have been nights when I pull by bra through the armhole and go to sleep in this dress. It's that COMFORTABLE! 

It's ready to ship in these two beautiful prints at a great price of $138. Don't miss out, they will go fast. Quantities are limited.

Second Chances.

These dresses sold out so fast we just had to make a few more. So, if you weren't quick enough the first time around, here's your second chance. Don't wait too long because third chances don't come very often. 

More Masks?? 

Yep, we still make masks! as long as they are needed, we will make the best masks we can for you. Want a custom 3-pack? Just order any 3-pack and WRITE IN the NOTES section of your order the mask prints that you want! We are happy to pull exactly what you like. :)
May 06, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Let's Talk Tops. - Lesley Evers

Let's Talk Tops.

This Just In..

This week we are bringing back some old friends. Some of
your favorites just how you loved them and others sporting new prints. Lots of customers have been asking for new tops so  I'm happy to show you some NEW and restocked pieces that we just got in!

Georgia is back in three great new prints. I love wearing my Georgia tops and am excited about having them in these fun prints. I love them all. 

Blue Honeycomb- above (me and my tiny car, the BEST for parking)
Orange Danish Flower- below
Magenta Primrose- after that

Britt Blazer is Back in Business Baby!

Just restocked the Britt blazers. I hate to disappoint customers when we sell out of their size. When I found a bit of leftover velour in the warehouse I knew I could make a few specific customers happy. Did you miss out last time? Use code BRITTPROMO for 20% off. CLICK HERE.

A few things I love about this piece:
1. It is so soft and comfy!
2. It looks more taliored than a cardigan.
3. I throw it in the washer and dryer and it looks like new!
4. It's the perfect cotton layer that I need on a brisk morning.

New SUZI tees!

These colorful tees are really comfortable! 
I'm loving both prints. Blue is my favorite color but I cannot resist these yellow flowers.

Thank you to my dear friend Natalie! I texted her yesterday morning and she let me come right over take some photos. With vaccines I can visit friends to take photos and that feels so good! Sigh of relief!  I am sure everyone is as tired of seeing me as I am of posing for photos.  Love this beautiful lady. 

SUZI restock.

If you missed out on the Daisy tee, it's back in production. Place your pre-order and we will ship May 10th. And the Green Fern SUZI ships on Monday! 

For Mom.

It's not too late to get something out to your mom by Mother's Day and we've got lots to choose from. Please let us know if you are sending a gift. We will write a card and enclose it in the package for you.


Want a custom 6-pack? Just order any 6-pack and WRITE IN the NOTES section of your order the mask prints that you want! We are happy to pull exactly what you like. :)
April 29, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Hello Mama! - Lesley Evers

Hello Mama!

I Love My Mom.

It was so nice having my mom in town for a couple of weeks.  She has not come to visit in more than a year. Like so many other families, the pandemic has kept us apart. Though my parents mostly raised us in Charlotte NC they grew up in Berkeley CA, so visiting me is in a way, coming home for her.  

Matching with my mom in my new Sienna dress- I love this pink and burgundy dress! Mom was happy to wear her version of the print in her Sloan skirt

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and I sure am fond of my mom! Here we are just happy to be together, being a little silly, wearing matching outfits and having lots of giggles. 

Celebrate your Mother!

We would love to help you celebrate your mom. Send her a gift— pajamas, a cute print tee, or even a dress! If you would like us to write a special note just let us know in the NOTES section of your order. We are happy to wrap up your presents. 

Just In.

And ready to ship! This cute dress is a great choice for Mother's Day. It's so cheerful!

I wore mine yesterday on a day trip to Sacramento. Curtis and I went to a celebration of life service for the husband of our aunt who passed away a couple of weeks ago at the age of 98.

Gregory Kondos was a renowned California artist, and a mentor and painting teacher to me. He never understood why I make dresses. He would say to me, "What are you doing that business for? You are a painter!"  His passion and talent for painting were a real inspiration. 

Just sharing a photo of him and one of his beautiful paintings. Sometimes there are just special people that really influence you— he was one of those. :)


In case you want to match your mom— here are a few suggestions. There are so many options. :)


Want a custom 6-pack? Just order any 6-pack and WRITE IN the NOTES section of your order the mask prints that you want! We are happy to pull exactly what you like. :)
April 21, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Man oh man - Lesley Evers

Man oh man

New Friends.

One day, last year, while i was working in the store, this cute couple (above) came in to shop. While she was shopping he asked if i had ever considered doing a line for men. I said I had but so far had only made shirts for my family. We chatted for a while and he told me the story about his favorite shirt that he bought in Greece twenty years ago. He had loved the tunic to the point where it could no longer be worn without falling apart. It had been a few years since it was a viable but he couldn't get rid of his old friend. 

Next thing I know he brings it in and leaves it for me to consider making. :) He was very determined and apparently I was not the first person he had asked!

I reviewed the shirt and made a paper pattern. Next I cut out a sample, sewed it up in my yellow tulips and passed it to my son Will to test out. He loved it! We made slight modifications, and I sewed up another. And another. And now here it is, fresh from the factory, for the men in your life- all of mine are outfitted! 

When it came time to give the tunic a name, naturally I named it after my new friend Kenyon, the guy that brought in his favorite shirt and convinced me to make them! His wife Cynthia was already a customer, and now he is too. :)

I love this photo of Kenyon. He's so happy in his new shirt!

The Men in My Life.

At home I am surrounded by men: Curtis (husband), Chase (21 year old son), Will (18 year old son), Otis (brother) and Marc (Otis's partner). I can't tell you how many nights I've cooked for my 5 guys. 

Last weekend I asked Curtis, Otis and Marc to model for me so I could get some pics for the website. I had a great time taking their photos! Usually they are taking mine and it was great fun to swap places. Lots of laughs. It's so much better to be behind the camera than in front of it- I think we can all agree on that. 

New Brooklyns too!

Of course I wouldn't forget about all of you women! Just added these two prints to the tunic shirt for you as well. :)

Weekend Takeaways.

Last weekend I took this cute photo of my VW bus from the porch of Otis and Marc's cabin. I think it looks like a tiny toy. It just has the vibe that says, Hey- wanna be friends?

I made this little sketch from the spot where we hang out on the Russian River. Sometimes I like to make a little iPad drawing of places that I love. 

Til next time!

Just a little pic from our journey home with Mom in the backseat. She's been visiting for a couple of weeks from North Carolina. :) I'm in my Tegan caftan and Curtis is in his new Kenyon tunic.

xoxo Lesley

April 15, 2021 — Lesley Evers
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Cover Yourself in Flowers - Lesley Evers

Cover Yourself in Flowers

Weekend Away.

I wore my new dress to my brother's cabin on the Russian river the other day. The weather was warm and surrounded by nature I felt a bit like a forest nymph in my yellow floral maxi dress.  It was a perfect opportunity to take few photos.

When not roaming by the river, practically speaking, I imagine this dress to be perfect for hosting a dinner party in my backyard. I can't wait to wear this maxi in the months to come as Curtis and I break in our new outdoor dining area.

Introducing CELINE..

A new take on the wide leg pant, Celine is soft and flowy and so darn comfortable you won't want to take them off.  Celine comes in two fun prints— Queens Garden Blue and Flower Charm Pink. Looking forward to seeing what you pick!

The Flower Charm Pink is graphic, vibrant pink and green color-way that goes perfectly with a simple black top. If you need a new black top, Bobbi in black works well with it.

Queen's Garden Blue is another favorite print of mine. I love the beautiful hues of periwinkle and light green on the black background.  

My NEW white Brooklyn tunic goes with these pants perfectly for a really fresh fun outfit. This piece is a must-have. 

For the Birds.

If you love birds, grab this little 2-pack of my bird prints. :)

My masks have triple layer protection and the inner filter fabric provides 95.1% protection against aerosol particles size: 0.3 microns and larger. Great way for you and your loved ones to stay safe.

Til Next Week.

This weekend I'll taking pictures of the new men's tunic that I'll be featuring next week. Time for the men in my life to step up and pose for pics! :) 

Thanks for reading to the end.
See you soon.

xoxo Lesley
April 08, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Better In A Caftan - Lesley Evers

Better In A Caftan

Tegan and Me

Before I introduce a new style to my line I make sure it's a good fit by putting it to task. I make a sample, wear it and wash it and wear it again. I want it to feel like an old friend. The poor thing does everything with me. From the factory to the grocery store and home to cook dinner. I'll even wear it up to the hills to walk my dogs.   

Yes, I have three dogs. It's a long story how this happened. Although I love them I do not recommend this many terriers.
My oldest dog, Dottie, has to stay on a leash because she's lost her hearing. I worry she might wander off and not hear me call her. Plus sometimes she just turns around to head home!

The latest style to make it into the collection is the Tegan caftan.  It's only been in my closet for a few weeks and already it's become my go-to piece. 

Here's what I think you will like about it:
  • Deep pockets
  • Shirt-tail hem with side slits
  • Linen/Rayon blend fabric with my textile
  • Machine washable
  • Cinch (or not) waist
  • Suitable for most everything
This is a limited small batch. 
Ships April 12th.

Flower Power.

I can't decide which of the prints i like the best. Tegan Pink Flower Power is a special one, but I love my Tegan Green Fern too.  Which will you choose! 

Just In.

We listen to the feedback from our customers and you love the Bobbi top so I've restocked the black and added some fun prints. See below for the new choices.


I wrote about this Suzi tee (above) in the email last week and forgot to add it to the website! Click on image and now you really will go to the product page

And while I'm on the subject- it seems I can't get an email out without some kind of mistake or typo. I write them late at night so thank you for being understanding. I appreciate the gentle FYIs that some of you give me. :)

Skort Update.

I added solid black. Seems useful. :)

I know this skort looks short- but try it! It doesn't feel as short as it looks and with the built in shorts you will feel covered up. Bonus: there's a secret pocket on the right side of the shorts just under the skirt.


My masks have triple layer protection and the inner filter fabric provides 95.1% protection against aerosol particles size: 0.3 microns and larger. Great way for you and your loved ones to stay safe.
April 02, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Hello Sunshine! - Lesley Evers

Hello Sunshine!

Bloom Seeker. 

I really enjoy driving through Sonoma County. The views are spectacular this time of year. The golden seas of blooming mustard and rivers of white daisies are something out of a dream.

Someday I want to live in the country. In case you haven't noticed, I'm obsessed with florals! This cute set is just ready to ship in case you are too. :) 

Just In.

Fun prints are here for spring. I really hope wearing them brings you joy. Isn't that the whole point of it all?

Allyn is wearing the short sleeve tee in Green Fern. I'm wearing a sample caftan. (coming soon- I promise!)

Hey, just wondering... do I get some kind of cool credit because my friend rides a motorcyle? I think so. :)

Allyn and her husband Scott rode their vintage motorcycles to meet up with us in Forestville for the day. We all gathered at my brother's cabin.

These days I appreciate so much the simple things. Like a day spent with friends and family or delicious homemade black beans that Allyn brought me. Every little thing is something special after a year of lock down!

Coming Soon!

Available for pre-orders. Ships April 5th.

I am really excited about this top. This oversized linen tunic features a V-neck collar. Send out an easy and laid back vibe, California style!

Click image to see more photos. I think Allyn did a better job modeling it than me. We took turns in it-and the muddy prints from the dog that jumped on me at the beach don't even show!

New Masks.

I just refreshed our mask offering with some new prints and some favorites that were out of stock. :) 

New sets and singles are on the mask page. Check them out by clicking on the image above.

End of the Day.

Curtis (husband) is behind the camera. Will (our son) is hanging out of the front seat. Otis (brother) and Marc (his partner) are cleaning up the cabin. And Allyn and Scott are getting on their motorcycles as we all part ways. Everyone is basking in the goodness of a beautiful spring day well spent with family and friends.

Til next week! xoxo Lesley

March 29, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Spring Begins Tomorrow! - Lesley Evers

Spring Begins Tomorrow!

Loving Orange!

Orange just has a special brightness like no other color. It's my brother's favorite. This print includes a beautiful range of hues that orange has to offer- ENJOY!

I have new red lipstick thanks to a customer that brightened my day with a sweet gift last weekend (haven't had this color since my twenties!). Also sporting my new extra big vintage glasses. Yes, they are a risk but I'm going with it. :)

NEW Lottie Skort.

We have a new Lottie skort ready to ship in Flower Power Red! Just add a white tee and some flipflops.

I just don't wear shorts anymore, but skorts- yes! Much more flattering in my opinion. At least on me. Do you feel the same way?

Cutest Pajamas.

We've been selling loads of PJs with rave reviews. Stock is already running low so don't wait.

These 100% cotton pajamas are silky soft and very lightweight. I love mine and I know you will too. Dance around the house— you will look cute and know it!

Almost There!

Thrilled the end is in sight of this pandemic. I have not gotten the virus and I REALLY don't want to get it at the bitter end! 

This "Best of the Bay" mask-maker will be so happy to stop making them! Until then- stay safe!

Coming Soon.

We've been busy getting new things ready for the warm weather. I'm bundled up because we had some cold days this week—low 50s. Sometimes Curtis comes with me to the factories. I love being the passenger. :) 

These days I am focused on:
1) the new caftan dress
2) a really great linen tunic top
3) A TUNIC FOR MEN! — cannot 
wait to show it to you. I hope you can get the guys in your lives to wear them. My 19 year old surfer boy and 80 year old father-in-law wear the same one- ha! And I have pictures to prove. 

Til next week! xoxo Lesley

March 19, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
It's A Pajama Party! - Lesley Evers

It's A Pajama Party!

Perfect for Game Night!

And everything else. :)
I'm so happy the pajamas are here. The cotton is gorgeous- lightweight and silky smooth.

Lots of you have been asking for them so please shop while your size is in stock.

Three prints to choose from:
1. Flower Charm Blue- Happy! (on Elaine)

2. Yellow Tulips- Cheery! (on me)
3. Pink/Green Paisley- oh so Pretty! (on Casey)

Behind the Scenes.

Yes- we take all the pics with our phones. :) Quick and easy! 

Back in Stock.

All Bridget tees are stocked and ready to ship. We even added solid black. 

Best Masks.

Need to refresh your mask collection? Click here to shop our masks.

Feel free to customize a pack by listing the prints you prefer in the NOTES section of your order. 

Couldn't resist sharing this photo below that my son sent me yesterday. His girlfriend's little sister has found a great use for the masks— doll's baby bjorn!

And on that note- til next week! xoxo Lesley

March 11, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Miss Me? - Lesley Evers

Miss Me?

Hello Old Friend.

Tilda in Aqua Tumbleweed is a dress that I originally made 10 years ago. It was such a favorite and I have so many new customers I thought it would be good to bring it back. I have a small batch ready to ship so order now if you love it! 

The Nora Pant.

Elaine (in photo above) works with me a bit on everything and I find myself sending her heart texts constantly, as I did when she sent me these pics yesterday. She just gets things done!! Click on image to see the rest of her quick at home photo-shoot in the new NORA pant- from glam to goofy. She's the best. 

Back in Stock.

Another all-time favorite. We just filled in all the sizes so if you missed it before- it's here in time for spring. This dress is a workhorse—good for so many occasions. Millicent deserves prime real estate in your closet!

My Right Hand.

Casey is in charge of filling all of your online orders. We both want to thank you for your patience. At times we get swamped and shipping is backed up.

Some pieces are taking longer than expected at the factory because some of the older seamstresses want to stay home during the pandemic.

Anyway, just wanted to say nothing would happen without this lady who always has a positive attitude and pretty smile under her mask!

March 05, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Hello Friends - Lesley Evers

Hello Friends

Small Batch: Sloan in Flower Power Red

I had some leftover fabric after we cut the V-neck top so used it up on this cute skirt. If your size sells out, don't worry— I've already asked the printer to make more fabric for me.

This print has extra pop for spring. Everyone needs a burst of floral happiness!

LOCALS: Allyn Scura Pop-Up Shop.

I have to wear glasses for everything— to read and to see far away. At first I fought it I didn't like wearing glasses at all. That changed when i found Allyn Scura Eyewear at the Alameda Antique fair.

Every frame is a treasure. I bought a pair then another and another. They have such an assortment at great prices it's hard to get just one. Prices range from $20-$200, average is $75. Sunglass lenses are $25 and Rx starting at $49. 

If you are a local, you are in luck. They are bringing their collection (literally hundreds) to our store this Friday and Saturday— yay!

Friday, Feb. 19th 11am-4pm
Saturday, Feb 20th 11am-4pm
at my shop: 5709 College Ave.

To schedule an appointment email Scott here
OR just come on by. 

Details on some of my favorites from upper left, clockwise:
1. Italy circa early 1970s
2. circa1970s
3, American optical circa late 60s/early 70s
4. circa late 70s/early 80s oversized p3 horn rim

Instagram Giveaway.

Did you enter? Go on— give it a go! :) 

We are drawing the winner's name this weekend and will announce it on Instagram. To enter click the image above and follow the instructions. Good luck!

Happy Lunar New Year!

The factories have been closed for a few days here in Oakland to celebrate the Lunar New Year. I know the ladies were all happy to have the break and I was happy for them! We promise to have lots of new things coming soon. :) Production for spring is now in full swing!

In the meantine— two of our newer pieces, Colette and Arden are still available in all sizes. :)

March 01, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Voted Best Mask-Maker! - Lesley Evers

Voted Best Mask-Maker!

Best Covid Mask-Maker.

I'm happy to say our masks have superior protection and come in lots of pretty prints.  :) We will continue to make them as long as we need to, but thankfully it looks like the end is near! I cannot wait. 

Just last week I canceled a trip to Charlottte, NC to visit my mom for her birthday. I'm waiting a little longer to travel since I haven't gotten the vaccine. I am grateful my family has made it this far without getting Covid and I don't want to be the first with a vaccine so close.

Proudly Made In Oakland.

We make the masks and clothing are right here in Oakland CA. 

This week we are featuring our Oakland-made masks with my Oakland Fox Theater tote bag. You don't have to live here to carry this tote and send us some love. :)

Additional new sets are available on the mask page. Click here. 

Willow dress.

Blue is officially my favorite color though it's a hard call since all colors are really just magical.

I love this dress covered in blue peonies, even though they don't actually exit. But I love peonies and I love blue, so why not? Seems like a sensible pairing to me.

Update: Lottie skort ships tomorrow!

As promised, the Lottie skort is shipping tomorrow, February 26th.  Thanks to all of you that pre-ordered it!

Along with the Queen's Garden Pink we cut a batch of Red Dots (see below- navy, red and white print)

The skort features a hidden pocket on the shorts for your phone, ID or CC. For sure it will be my go-to this season. 

So Long Til Next Week.

I have some pretty pieces coming for spring so stay in touch. Hope to see you at the shop or tag me on Instagram when you have something that I made on! Would LOVE to see your pictures. Lesley

March 01, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski