Jumbo Stripes

Our new May Cardigan is here and I am going to wear this burgundy jumbo stripe sweater right through the holidays into spring. It's warm and cozy and has a modern vibe that I love. 

Natalie is wearing the gray and black color way. This is one of those special pieces that will have a long life in your wardrobe. 

Print Tees!

Long awaited- new Bridget, Justine and Ida tops are finally here! This is where we give you a real bang of colorful print for your buck. Each week I rotate through a few of these tees. Adding a new one to my closet makes me happy. I just purged to make room for some new pieces and I'm adding one of each style!

Velvet Stella

I love this top and paired with our Milly pant.  What a cute set for any holiday event! Dress it up or down. It's really versatile and you can wash these pieces in the machine!

Or just wear with your Black Audrey pants, or even jeans. Do your thing here- it all works!

Zip Pullover

A cute sporty layer to go over your print tees- our Mary sweater is here just in time to keep you warm. Who doesn't need a basic like this?

Behind the Scenes

We had a photoshoot in my neighborhood yesterday. I'm lucky to have gracious neighbors that let us use their gardens which are all beautiful. This crew had a really good time together.

Our latest project? Well, we're going old-school cool with a printed catalog and a plan to take orders over the phone. Why, you ask? Simple. We want to get to know you better and provide the best assistance possible. We've hired a few more talents to make it all happen and more to come.

My team is taking a dive into the pool of innovation. Looking to the horizon of 2024, I'm bubbling with hope as we expand and bring even more vibrant, eye-catching goodies to add that extra flair to your style and living spaces. So, stay tuned for the colorful adventures ahead!



Laura Pinkowski