Friends and Frocks - Lesley Evers

Friends and Frocks

  Fundraising Fun. Curtis and I get involved in a variety of fundraising ventures in the Bay Area, and an event last week was an extra special example.  Attendance was...
May 15, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
It's All About Dresses. - Lesley Evers

It's All About Dresses.

Tegan: Just in or heading out? The Tegan caftan is so comfortable. Wether I'm just in my house or heading out to take on the day I feel at ease in...
May 06, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Let's Talk Tops. - Lesley Evers

Let's Talk Tops.

This Just In.. This week we are bringing back some old friends. Some ofyour favorites just how you loved them and others sporting new prints. Lots of customers have been...
April 29, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Hello Mama! - Lesley Evers

Hello Mama!

I Love My Mom. It was so nice having my mom in town for a couple of weeks.  She has not come to visit in more than a year. Like...
April 21, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Man oh man - Lesley Evers

Man oh man

New Friends. One day, last year, while i was working in the store, this cute couple (above) came in to shop. While she was shopping he asked if i had...
April 15, 2021 — Lesley Evers
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Cover Yourself in Flowers - Lesley Evers

Cover Yourself in Flowers

Weekend Away. I wore my new dress to my brother's cabin on the Russian river the other day. The weather was warm and surrounded by nature I felt a bit...
April 08, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Better In A Caftan - Lesley Evers

Better In A Caftan

Tegan and Me Before I introduce a new style to my line I make sure it's a good fit by putting it to task. I make a sample, wear it and...
April 02, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Hello Sunshine! - Lesley Evers

Hello Sunshine!

Bloom Seeker.  I really enjoy driving through Sonoma County. The views are spectacular this time of year. The golden seas of blooming mustard and rivers of white daisies are something out of...
March 29, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Spring Begins Tomorrow! - Lesley Evers

Spring Begins Tomorrow!

Loving Orange! Orange just has a special brightness like no other color. It's my brother's favorite. This print includes a beautiful range of hues that orange has to offer- ENJOY! I have new...
March 19, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
It's A Pajama Party! - Lesley Evers

It's A Pajama Party!

Perfect for Game Night! And everything else. :)I'm so happy the pajamas are here. The cotton is gorgeous- lightweight and silky smooth. Lots of you have been asking for them so please...
March 11, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Miss Me? - Lesley Evers

Miss Me?

Hello Old Friend. Tilda in Aqua Tumbleweed is a dress that I originally made 10 years ago. It was such a favorite and I have so many new customers I...
March 05, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski
Hello Friends - Lesley Evers

Hello Friends

Small Batch: Sloan in Flower Power Red I had some leftover fabric after we cut the V-neck top so used it up on this cute skirt. If your size sells...
March 01, 2021 — Laura Pinkowski