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Holiday Rush

Tencel and Birds. I ordered a green pencil tree for my shop and an 9' gold tencel pencil tree is what was delivered. No time for returns so gold tercel...
Laura Pinkowski

From Me to You

Take Me With You! Well at least take Juniper. This dress is perfect for a warm getaway now that the cooler weather is here. Juniper is ready to go—anywhere that...
Laura Pinkowski
An Early Bird Black Friday! - Lesley Evers

An Early Bird Black Friday!

Shakalaka Giveaway Blanket! Black Friday is a week early for us this year! I'm so excited for this giveaway I just can't wait another week to get them out to...
Laura Pinkowski

Welcome to the Holiday Season.

Happy Hostess. Tis the season for holiday parties and doesn't the hostess deserve a little something special? Protect your outfit with one of my pretty aprons while in the kitchen...
Laura Pinkowski
Get Ready to Gather. - Lesley Evers

Get Ready to Gather.

Dinner. I love gathering with friends and family and I love a beautiful table. Almost every week my brother and Marc come for dinner. Curtis and I love to spend time...
Laura Pinkowski
Catch Up or Skip Ahead? - Lesley Evers

Catch Up or Skip Ahead?

Big Plans. Do you ever have big plans and then you just can't get it all done? Well, it happens to me a LOT. I figure if I dream big...
Laura Pinkowski
Chicka Boom! - Lesley Evers

Chicka Boom!

  I Said A Boom Chicka Boom. Oh yea, all right, one more time...  New print alert! Chicka Boom has arrived, currently available in two styles—the Arden dress in blue Chicka Boom...
Laura Pinkowski
Boom Shakalaka! - Lesley Evers

Boom Shakalaka!

  Divine Inspiration. Boom- here is my newest print: Shakalaka!While I was doing the artwork "Boom Shakalaka" ran through in my mind. I looked up the meaning of Shakalaka in the...
Laura Pinkowski
Hoops, Loops and Baubles - Lesley Evers

Hoops, Loops and Baubles

A Little Something Special. Our factory is busy sewing up our new prints.  We look forward to introducing them soon. In the meantime we've been busy dressing up the store with...
Laura Pinkowski
Giveaway Time! - Lesley Evers

Giveaway Time!

Fresh Fruit. Starting today til Monday and as supply lasts, receive our cute NEW Pear Tote (retail $65) as a gift when you spend $100 or more. I've made this bag reversible...
Laura Pinkowski
Back to Black! - Lesley Evers

Back to Black!

Timeless Tilda. Over ten years ago I first brought Tilda to life.  A lot has happened since I made this box pleat dress but she continues to be one of my favorites (don't tell...
Laura Pinkowski
Trading Places. - Lesley Evers

Trading Places.

Dots or Pears? Thalia and I are having fun with the two new Molly dresses— trading places.  Aqua Dots and Orange Pears are new to the shop this week. The silk...
Laura Pinkowski