Brown or Blue?

Get ready for cooler weather with one or both of these dresses! Arden is here in Vintage Floral Brown, with a matching scarf if you are all in.

Ginger in Blue Plumes is a WOW in this jumbo scale. I just love blue and these hues are gorgeous. 

Esme Scarves

Thanks to my customer Elaine for letting us photograph her in the newly arrived Esme scarves. These silk chiffon beauties have a hand-fringed edge. I think I have a dozen in my collection. I can't decide which of these I'm going to keep. I love them all. 

Found Some Fabric!

I found a little more Shakalaka Lilac and cut it in the Elaine dress. Only enough to make 31 dresses. This tiny batch won't last long. 

Curtis and I have several old cars. This little navy blue bug remains a favorite. I prefer to ride, not drive. :) 

California Summer

My friend's daughter, Patsy spent her summer with us. She arrived in June and returned to Charlotte NC Tuesday. The last night she was here we walked the Gold Gate Bridge together. She wanted to see the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. We checked that box and the next day she was a on a plane home.

I'm missing having her to pal around with. We watched A Cinderella Story and Pitch Perfect, two of her favorites that I had never seen being a mom of boys. We shopped, cooked, and crafted and I enjoyed every minute. 

It was so nice to have a borrowed daughter. :)
Have a great weekend!
love, Lesley

Laura Pinkowski