Magnolia Obsession

I had a magnolia tree in my front yard when I was young. I loved to climb it and remember perching high above the ground and nervous about the descent. Up was always easier than down! I think I've always forged ahead without thinking through everything. It's my nature. 

Just in— Tilda in Magnolia. I think this is a pretty dress for holiday and beyond. Lots of whites, a minty celery, chartreuse and a black ground. This is that dress you keep for a very long time. Especially if magnolias have a special place in your heart.  

Golden Gate Park

Wednesday I spent the afternoon at our factory in San Francisco. Afterwards I drove my design assistant, Nancy, home through Gold Gate Park. We popped out to take photos of our new Maeve dresses— 2 prints to choose from.

It was a beautiful evening. Still warm enough to go without a sweater. Just a perfect California fall day.

Annie Stripe tee

After dropping Nancy at her apartment I went to my son's flat and we went to dinner together. He took this photo of me in the new Annie tee. 

Here's how weekly emails happen:  I wash my hair Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. I carry around a bag of new clothes on Wednesday and Thursday. I twist the arm of however is with me (usually Curtis) to take yet ANOTHER photo.

Thankfully I'm surrounded by friends and family with a lot of patience! :) It's an ongoing part of my life now. And I thank you all for reading them and for your kind words. You keep me going!


Our velvet pouches have been so popular for gifting. We just got our new designs in for the holidays. 

Below are just two of the sets that I posted yesterday. Lots to choose from. Even a larger size for iPads and more. Have you started your holiday shopping?

New Discovery

Scrolling through my personal photos to share something and this is might be the most exciting thing of my week.

Am I the only one that had never had these popsicles? Just tried one for the first time last week and finished off the box in three days. They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  My new favorite treat. 

I hope you are all finding new things to love, even if it's just a honeydew popsicle!

love, Lesley

Laura Pinkowski