Hello Hawaii

Yesterday we arrived at our Airbnb on the north shore of Oahu. Curtis snapped this photo as the sun was setting—me in our newest Darcy sweatershirt and matching Freya skirt. The weather was warm and a nice breeze in the air. Just perfect for my outfit.


Along with the Nostalgia Flower print we have two more new Freya skirts that we just added to the site—North Star and Flower Power.

This is the most comfy little straight skirt. It's an easy fit, flattering and sporty. I love them all. 

Enamel Necklaces

We started this enamel jewelry project many months ago. I've been wearing the Shakalaka Flower sample for a while now. I'm pleased to say the pendants are here and available on the site. Yay!  The are gold-plated and silver-plated. Pretty and fun and perfect little way to treat yourself .


Annually, we cherish the tradition of reuniting with our dear friends Cynthia and Justin, the proud owners of two delightful restaurants in Dallas. This year, our gathering spot is the picturesque Oahu.

Our bond, spanning over three decades, has been a journey filled with rich conversations about food, fashion, and the intricacies of business. These industries come with their fair share of hurdles, but we've always been there for each other, offering support and celebrating our collective successes in friendship and entrepreneurship.

Now, we're off to explore the underwater wonders with some snorkeling. Wishing everyone a joyful day!. 



Laura Pinkowski