The Best Wrap Dress.

I am loving the new Jackie wrap dress in the Shakalaka Blue. It came out even better than I hoped. Today was sunny and cool so I wore it with my black leggings and boots. I was alright without my coat long enough for Curtis to take my photo. Beautiful California winter day!

Hostess Attire.

I'm pairing the new Valerie top with my Celie pants in Gems for a jumpsuit look. I love this outfit for my next dinner party. It's comfortable and colorful. And flattering too on my chubby tummy.

That Time of Year.

Next up is Valentine's Day so we have pretty pink outfits ready for you! 

Just Hearts.

Bring in February wearing our new Hearts Josephine pajamas. No reason not to have another pair. I love mine so much.

In the Mood for Pink. 

These pink scarves will give you a pick-me-up, I promise. They are light, airy, and 100% silk chiffon. Gift yourself a treat. A scarf collection is like collecting art.

Lots in the Works. 

I'm just motivated and inspired these days with a fantastic team backing me up. We have made a lot of updates and changes all around and things are running really well.

I've had my share of "I Love Lucy" episodes getting this business going  since starting in 2008, but I am happy to report smooth sailing is here. 

I'm grateful for all of you. Your sweet notes and words in person really keep going. I love making clothes for you!!

Love, Lesley
Laura Pinkowski