And Dance.

We just added two prints to the Erika style- Daisy and Gems (further down).  I promise you will make people smile when you wear them and that is always a good thing. 

I cut a small batch of Dandelion Britt blazers. I had some leftover buttons so I ordered just enough fabric to use them all up. I know that sounds backwards, but these are special buttons. To me at least. I appreciate a good button!

Brooklyn Solids.

Our solids are in stock! Choose from Blue, Natural, Black and White. I love this tomboy top. It's sporty and casual.


These pants sold too fast when we first posted them. We've quickly restocked and they are ready to ship! This time they will make it to the College Ave shop, I promise.
Boom Shakalaka! Let the good times flow. :)

Dixie Hydrangea.

This box pleat skirt is here for lots of occasions. Just had a customer ask what to wear to a baby shower- well here's a great option! As well as just out and about with sandals. A skirt covered in hydrangeas has my name on it for sure. 


Might be my favorite season, officially just about a week away. So much to look forward to and be hopeful for. I am grateful for the simple things in life these days. 

I hope your trees are budding and the birds are making nests in your yard. Enjoy!

love, Lesley

Laura Pinkowski