Greetings from Mexico.

Happy to say I am in Puerto Vallarta in a villa overlooking the ocean. Normally I pack light but I brought a ton of clothes so that I could take photos in a new place!

This new Elaine dress has been really wonderful. It's lightweight and colorful, loose and flattering. Checks all my boxes! 

Food Tour.

The first day we took a local food tour with 9 stops. We ate tacos from food trucks, fruit water from a cooler in front of someone's house, candy from "Willy Wonka" and chocolates from a popular coffee/chocolate shop. Oh, and we bought herbs from a local home remedy medicine man.

Yes, I agree it all sounds questionable but we survived. :)

New Evelyn Top.

This new top will be great with jeans or white pants, but if you want to go all in wear it with your Tara pant

Restock of Mixed Napkin Set.

Call me crazy, I packed linens to come to Mexico! I just knew the setting would be so pretty I couldn't help myself. 

More coming soon. I've had some technical challenges putting this email together so I'm calling it quits and going to breakfast and then to the market. 

love, Lesley
Laura Pinkowski