Bloom Seeker. 

I really enjoy driving through Sonoma County. The views are spectacular this time of year. The golden seas of blooming mustard and rivers of white daisies are something out of a dream.

Someday I want to live in the country. In case you haven't noticed, I'm obsessed with florals! This cute set is just ready to ship in case you are too. :) 

Just In.

Fun prints are here for spring. I really hope wearing them brings you joy. Isn't that the whole point of it all?

Allyn is wearing the short sleeve tee in Green Fern. I'm wearing a sample caftan. (coming soon- I promise!)

Hey, just wondering... do I get some kind of cool credit because my friend rides a motorcyle? I think so. :)

Allyn and her husband Scott rode their vintage motorcycles to meet up with us in Forestville for the day. We all gathered at my brother's cabin.

These days I appreciate so much the simple things. Like a day spent with friends and family or delicious homemade black beans that Allyn brought me. Every little thing is something special after a year of lock down!

Coming Soon!

Available for pre-orders. Ships April 5th.

I am really excited about this top. This oversized linen tunic features a V-neck collar. Send out an easy and laid back vibe, California style!

Click image to see more photos. I think Allyn did a better job modeling it than me. We took turns in it-and the muddy prints from the dog that jumped on me at the beach don't even show!

New Masks.

I just refreshed our mask offering with some new prints and some favorites that were out of stock. :) 

New sets and singles are on the mask page. Check them out by clicking on the image above.

End of the Day.

Curtis (husband) is behind the camera. Will (our son) is hanging out of the front seat. Otis (brother) and Marc (his partner) are cleaning up the cabin. And Allyn and Scott are getting on their motorcycles as we all part ways. Everyone is basking in the goodness of a beautiful spring day well spent with family and friends.

Til next week! xoxo Lesley

Laura Pinkowski