Tegan and Me

Before I introduce a new style to my line I make sure it's a good fit by putting it to task. I make a sample, wear it and wash it and wear it again. I want it to feel like an old friend. The poor thing does everything with me. From the factory to the grocery store and home to cook dinner. I'll even wear it up to the hills to walk my dogs.   

Yes, I have three dogs. It's a long story how this happened. Although I love them I do not recommend this many terriers.
My oldest dog, Dottie, has to stay on a leash because she's lost her hearing. I worry she might wander off and not hear me call her. Plus sometimes she just turns around to head home!

The latest style to make it into the collection is the Tegan caftan.  It's only been in my closet for a few weeks and already it's become my go-to piece. 

Here's what I think you will like about it:
  • Deep pockets
  • Shirt-tail hem with side slits
  • Linen/Rayon blend fabric with my textile
  • Machine washable
  • Cinch (or not) waist
  • Suitable for most everything
This is a limited small batch. 
Ships April 12th.

Flower Power.

I can't decide which of the prints i like the best. Tegan Pink Flower Power is a special one, but I love my Tegan Green Fern too.  Which will you choose! 

Just In.

We listen to the feedback from our customers and you love the Bobbi top so I've restocked the black and added some fun prints. See below for the new choices.


I wrote about this Suzi tee (above) in the email last week and forgot to add it to the website! Click on image and now you really will go to the product page

And while I'm on the subject- it seems I can't get an email out without some kind of mistake or typo. I write them late at night so thank you for being understanding. I appreciate the gentle FYIs that some of you give me. :)

Skort Update.

I added solid black. Seems useful. :)

I know this skort looks short- but try it! It doesn't feel as short as it looks and with the built in shorts you will feel covered up. Bonus: there's a secret pocket on the right side of the shorts just under the skirt.


My masks have triple layer protection and the inner filter fabric provides 95.1% protection against aerosol particles size: 0.3 microns and larger. Great way for you and your loved ones to stay safe.
Laura Pinkowski