Lady Walking Dogs

Our newest arrival is the Melanie dress, featuring a deep V-neck, pockets, long sleeves and a tie to cinch the waist. ¬†Oh- and cut in a cotton/lycra fabric.¬† We¬†have 2 designs¬†for you to choose from‚ÄĒ introducing¬†Ladies Walking Dogs, a whimsical print with¬†stylish women and their furry friends,¬†and¬†Garden Oasis- a new and already beloved textile in our collection.¬†

We are in between photographers at the moment so my husband took these photos on his iPhone. Hardly as polished as the images by our in-house photographer Ashley, but she is moving to Florida and our new photographer, Chrissy Lynn starts in October. Have patience with us in the meantime. 

Kathryn Blouse

New to Kathryn‚ÄĒLadies Walking Dogs¬†and¬†Serendipity Green! Both NEW prints that I hope you love.¬†And also a restock of one of my favorites,¬†Gems. Three beauties to choose from.¬†

Fall Favorite

Arden is a great basic dress and back for fall in our Vintage Floral Brown. Lots of colors happening in the dress- pops of orange, blue and yellow on a brown ground. Tierney has hers with mustard suede shoes, but black, brown, blue and orange would be just as pretty!

This is that dress that you toss in the washing machine and even the dryer. It's easy to layer and should be the one you grab more than pass over. 

Betsy Restock

In case you missed out, these two prints have been restocked in our Betsy dress. They flew out the door when we first introduced them. I had a little more fabric so we cut the last of it. 

HELLO Portland!

We are opening our Portland store Friday, Sept 8th at 10am. Send your Portland friends! We are giving away laptop cases with every purchase.

I snapped the photo last weekend right before we left for the airport. Curtis had just finished installing the shelves. If any of you are up for writing a review about our shop please do! I would appreciate it, even as an online customer it will help us tremendously. :) Write a review here.

Lady Carrying Dog

My dogs, Lily and Jessie are ten years old. Lily (in this photo) is the boss. She literally barks at Jessie when I call her because she doesn't want Jessie coming to me. Jessie will obey Lily over me and return to her. To top it off, Lily won't even come if I call her to sit in my lap which is why I call Jessie! 

Here she is on our walk in my arms because she wanted to be carried up the hill. Clearly I have no dog training skills. But I do love them and enjoy walking with them.  Enough to make a shirt about it!

Well ladies, that's about all I have to tell you. Happy September! Til next week, sending you a big hug. 

Love, Lesley

Laura Pinkowski