Lots to Choose From!

You'll be spoiled for choice with our Easter-ready collection of dresses. We've put together a special selection of dresses on our website, and I've handpicked the best options for you to select from.

In My Closet

Below are a few pieces that are actually in my personal collection. I'll probably be choosing between these three. Though I may last minute just get something new. I do have room to add a couple more to my closet after cleaning it out last weekend. These three were NOT on the chopping block. :)

TILDA Magnolia- I love this dress. Magnolias represent nobility and purity and the large white blooms are just beautiful. 

GENEVIEVE Meadow Flower- Nothing says spring like a splash of blooming flowers.  

JUNIPERS Pink Pears- Pears represent divine sustenance, which I ask for daily. I'm always happy to wear this dress and be reminded of the supernatural world we live in. 

Laura Pinkowski