That A-line dress that we all love is here in our new Farmer's Market print. Playful and summery and perfect if you happen to be at your local fruit stand. Cleverly illustrated by my friend Cecil Bowman, this textile is layered with activity.

Pink certainly is the color of the year! I've pulled together some of our favorite pieces featuring pink for you to peruse. 

Whether it's paired with red, orange, yellow or green, pink will always be a staple for me! Somehow it makes it's way into most of my prints. What would the world be without pink?

Coming Soon!

Our pink corduroy blazer is at the factory. I'm tempted to take pre-orders but know it's just best to post it on the website when it's actually finished. So sharing a preview only. I am so excited for these to be finished!

Can you believe August is around the corner? Summer is flying by. Hope you all have a great weekend!

 love, Lesley

Laura Pinkowski