I started sewing when I was eleven and I love making dresses. Always have.
Okay, a bit more. I was born in Oakland, California. Both my parents grew up in Berkeley so I have deep roots in California even though we moved to Charlotte, NC when I was in second grade. I spent 10 years in Charlotte and made lifelong friends. At 18 I moved Philadelphia to go to UPenn where I studied Architecture and Art History. I really wanted to go to fashion school, but mom thought UPenn was a better plan. 

I've been married for twenty-four years to my husband Curtis. He's a maker too. Mostly he carves stone sculptures and restores old cars, but he makes a lot of other things too. And he can fix pretty much anything. I've always said if our lives depended on it he could make a spaceship. Thankfully that theory has not been put to the test. We have two boys in college and three dogs. There's always a lot going on at my house. 

I started my dress company in 2008. At one point we sold to over 100 boutiques across the country and even had a department store account. In 2012 we opened our Oakland store. As the online business grew we eventually stopped selling wholesale. I love interacting directly with my customers. I love making you all feel pretty. I love the sweet notes  that you send to me! 

I run a small business. We manufacture almost everything here in Oakland just 10 minutes from my house. I design all the textiles myself and have the fabric printed in Los Angeles. My hands have probably touched each and every dress that goes out the door. 
You, my customers, are everything. I appreciate each and every one of you. My staff feels the same way. Our goal is to makes clothes that bring you joy.