New Elaine dresses

1 popular style x 2 popular textiles = 2 cute new dresses!
I know, tough decisions to be made. :) 

Alicia was an intern of mine over ten years ago— now she's engaged, just bought a house and is starting her own business. It's so fun to hear all her news and everything that's happening in her life. I just love her. 

Effie Pants :)

These cute cotton slub pants are so fun for spring and summer! I love mine. Once again, just adding our fan favorite prints to popular pants style. Lots of choices for you!

Dressing Up

I love these box pleat dresses for really just about anything— a wedding, baby shower, luncheon, graduation and even just out to dinner. They are cut from cotton sateen with a touch of stretch. Even though they are structured I find both styles very comfortable and so elegant.

And a big thank you to Kim, my friend/neighbor/customer for letting us take all these photos in her beautiful house!

Color Lovers :)

I love a closet full of color. Don't you? I just told Avery, our photographer that I'm going to tidy up my closet so we can take some photos in it next week. I organize my clothes by color. Wondering how you organize yours. 

Live Try-On

Want to know how something fits? Or whether your favorite top will go with that pant you've had your eye on?

Tune in on Fridays at 10am PST to our Instagram page to see me and the ladies from our Oakland store try on new styles and old favorites!

Just comment in the messages if you have a questions or a try-on request. 

Sneak Peek

We are making corduroy blazers to go with our Angie pants. I've been wearing the sample for a few days now to be sure everything is as it should be before production.

I'm loving this little navy cord outfit that looks like a pant suit and feels like a track suitt. I have mine on with my Kathryn Garden Flower. Yesterday I wore it with my Kathryn Gems shirt. Lots of options. 

Heading into the weekend with some big projects on my to do list. I'm hoping to sort and clean out all the things that my two sons left when they left for college. We've been empty nesters for nearly three years. It's time to clean out some closets! Wish me luck. 

I bet many of you are doing some spring cleaning as well. Wishing you the best!

love, Lesley

Laura Pinkowski