So Many Choices

We are stocked with lots of cute things to wear for the summer months ahead. I put on a few to give you a glance at some of my favorites. 

The white pants are samples- in the factory now. They will be here mid-summer. Everything else is ready to ship.

The Dresses

All four of these dresses are easy travel pieces. I would wear each of them with flipflops, sneakers or wedge sandals. 

Are you going someplace fun this summer? Be sure to have some cute dresses in your suitcase.

This weekend I'm going to Laguna Beach and I plan on taking the Delphine and Haley (the top 2). Though I might toss the other two in my bag as well. I like to have options. :)

The Separates

Separates are so fun to mix and match. I pulled a few of my favorites to share with you this week. I love discovering a new combination and changing things up. 

Sneak Peek- Our new Dana pant in white is at the factory. It will be here mid- summer. It's a good one!

Live Try-On

Want to know how something fits? Or whether your favorite top will go with that pant you've had your eye on?

Tune in on Fridays at 10am Pacific Time (1pm Eastern Time) to our Instagram page to see me and the ladies from our Oakland store try on new styles and old favorites!

Just comment in the messages if you have a question or a try-on request. 


We celebrated my husband's birthday last night. Dinner out in San Francisco with our oldest son.

At this point in life there's not a lot of stuff that one needs. Curtis does like presents and enjoys opening them, so I got him a saxmonica, a rack for his car keys and a journal. What is a saxmonica, you are probably asking...well it's a blend between a harmonica and a saxophone. What the heck? 

Looking forward to some new tunes around the house. (fingers crossed that it's better than listening to him learn the saxophone)

Have a good weekend and keep the music playing.

Laura Pinkowski