Imogen + Gaelle

Our new newest knit pant and sweater tops are here and they are so darn cute! Everyone in the design studio is getting a pair of Imogen pants. And this sporty Gaelle top just pulls it all together. 

We were inspired to pull together some color capsules for you. Two color-ways to choose from with an assortment to mix, match and maximize!

Juniper Restock

Our Jumbo Blooms Juniper is back in stock. Many of you have asked for this because it was photographed with our Strawberry plaid coat. This is a pretty one!

Gown Sneak Peek

Inspired by my grandmother's feather dress, we designed this colorful organza dress with ostrich feathers, slated to be ready well in time for holiday 2024. The other day I texted a photo to my friend Lolita to see if she liked it.

me: Would you wear this?
Lolita: It's a bit much for me personally - but an extrovert would wear is. (I thought she was which is why I asked her)
Me: hmmm, ok.
Lolita: I know people who would 100% wear it!
Me: Really? Okay then. 

So I am forging ahead but also promise to have some pieces that are a bit more understated. We have 5 gown styles in the works so if you like to dress up, get ready for some really fun party dresses coming soon.

Now I just need some events to go to! I do have a summer wedding on my calendar in July...
and a yellow maxi dress in the works that will hopefully be ready!

I hope you have some parties on the books as well.
A fancy dress makes everything more fun! Don't you agree?


Laura Pinkowski