Ready to Ship.

The new Tegans are here and ready to ship today! I'm loving the Primrose Navy version and Linda's favorite is the Woodpile print in the new blush pink colorway.

Britts in Blue.

Generally I don't have favorites, but in the color category I will always choose blue. These two blues could not be more different.

Navy: confident, simple and flattering.
Brilliant Turquoise Blue: refreshing, feminine, joyful, and beautiful. 

Just Lovely.

We had a lovely evening last night in a lovely place with lovely friends. Kenyon and Cynthia invited us to dinner at the Berkeley City Club. The club is in a wonderful Julia Morgan designed gem right in the heart of Berkeley.

Texting earlier in the day:
Me: What you are going to wear? (normally would not ask this, but it's Kenyon)
Kenyon: I think I'll wear the blue primrose. 3 of my others are in the wash.

Me (thinking): dang, I was going to wear my primrose tegan... need new plan.

Kenyon wore his Kenyon shirt (yes he was the original inspiration for the mens shirt).
Curtis- homemade shirt that I gave him for Christmas years ago. 
Cynthia wore an Ellie tunic dress in my scribble print. By the way I have a new batch coming hopefully next week. It's a customer favorite.
I wore Sienna in Yellow Flower Power. :)

Til next week!
xo Lesley
Laura Pinkowski