Happy New Year!

Wishing you a Happy New Year! We are making way for 2023 and just updated our SALE PAGE

It's been a long and rewarding year. Read on to see our staff picks for the season to wrap things up for 2022!

Aizah and Casey

Aizah is does most of the shipping. She arrives very early in the morning which is nice for you east coasters- she's here if you need her in the morning! 

Aizah is wearing the Burnt Orange Ramona and the Gems Bridget tee
Casey has recently returned from a two month maternity leave. She dips in and out of all areas of the business, mostly helping me with production. Her super-power is finding missing things.

Casey is wearing the Cassandra sweater-coat with the Ida turtleneck. She loves the coziness of this piece.

Nancy and Annamaria

Nancy is my design assistant. She is a wiz on the computer and is always trying to teach me things. 

Nancy's pick is the Clementine dress in Pink Dots
Annamaria helps with shipping and general inventory management. Her attention to detail is wonderful and she always has that beautiful smile on her face. 

Annamaria is wearing Justine Vintage Floral Blue, Greta Blue Suede and Ramona Black

Avery and Me

Avery is our in-house photographer. She is a giggly one, always happy to have some fun which I think makes her a great photographer. Everyone feels comfortable with her behind the camera!

Avery's pick is the Cleo dress in Magnolia with matching Thea scarf. This girl is into the matching, like me. 

And as for me, not even sure what to say. I dabble in everything here. As I build the team I like to think I am less and less critical. I'm working my way toward being able to take a three month sabbatical! :)

I love the Penelope dress and layered with the bright turtleneck it works during winter. 

The Warehouse Crew

I managed to get everyone that works in the warehouse in front of the pink backdrop just before Christmas. Together we design, manage production, photograph, market and ship everything to you. I love my work family. 

As the business is growing we will be adding a few more people to the team here and opening a new store or two in 2023. I'm excited to share all the new with you. 2023 is going to be an adventure. :)

Wishing you a very Happy New Year with prayers that lots of goodness comes to you!

love, Lesley

Laura Pinkowski