I love gathering with friends and family and I love a beautiful table. 

Almost every week my brother and Marc come for dinner. Curtis and I love to spend time with them. Last night Curtis made homemade pizza for us. I broke out my new tablecloth— now available online!

We had fun rehashing their wedding that happened earlier in the month and planning my mother's 80th birthday week in Puerto Vallarta next February. 

The new linens are here and all available online. Click through the images below to see the tablecloths. We also made napkins available in even more prints. 

Done Early!

I'm happy to bring some good news this week—  the pajamas are ready sooner than expected! The shelves of our warehouse are organized and we are ready to ship! 

These make the best holiday gifts! I love mine and we've gotten the sweetest notes from our customers that love theirs. I feel very confident recommending these for your loved ones. 


We are still having warm days here in California but I realize it's getting cold for many of you. We've stocked up our customer favorite Carly cardigan. Three new colors to choose from. They are soft and cuddly and made in Oakland. woohoo!


This is a photo from Mark and Otis's wedding a couple of weekends ago—the boys and their sisters. I feel so lucky to have such a special guy as my brother-in-law and he comes with a pretty great sister.  

The wedding was a Mad Men theme so everyone came dressed in 50's and 60's attire. It was a beautiful day and we all had such a good time.  The three of us ladies all wore dresses from my shop. :) 

from left to right: Genevieve (Marc's sister) in Tilda Canaries, Marc, Drew (my sister) in a Grace dress, Otis (my brother) and me in my Tilda Pink Hydrangea dress. 


Til Next Week.

I plan on taking it easy for the next few days. Maybe a day trip on Sunday. I've been working late every evening. I like to work hard in waves and then take it easy.. 

I hope you are finding some peaceful breaks too.  With the holiday season is right around the corner it's important to remember to take a break now and then.  

love, Lesley

p.s. Curtis wore a pink suit to the wedding! And I wore a petticoat under my dress. Had to add this last photo. :)
Laura Pinkowski