Skipping Through the Cold with Colette

I thought the best way to make the most of my favorite spring dress would be to winterize it! The perfectly matching Ida mock turtleneck is making this Colette gems warm for winter.

With both pieces you have lots of options. Wear together or apart. :)

Patterned Ida is here!

Speaking of Ida, our newest tee now comes in four of our favorite prints: Echinacea, Shakalaka, Flower Power, and of course Gems! Great for adding a pop of color while also staying cozy for winter and spring :)

Matching Coco Tights

Go all out and add matching Coco tights. We still have some available and they are PERFECT with the mock tee. 

BTW new prints are coming soon as well as restock of Burgundy Wave Coco tights.

Best Gift Ever

A dear family friend surprised Curtis with a gift of her 1977 VW convertible last weekend. (Mother of his best friend and best friend of his mother.) She was the original owner! Seriously we are beside ourselves.

I snapped this pic of Curtis Sunday morning as he was filling her up on our way to church. You will be seeing more of this cute VW named Nellie. She's a treasure.

love, Lesley


Laura Pinkowski