Rewards Program

Last updated 2.6.24

Earning Points
Points are earned when you make a purchase, 1 point for every $1 dollar (USD) spent. Points can be earned for both in-store and online purchases. Points are associated with the email used at checkout when making each purchase or the website account you used to purchase.
Ways to Redeem Points
Registration is required to activate your rewards account. You can register using the reward button on the bottom right of the website. Upon activation all points from prior purchases will be retroactively credited if you did not register for rewards at the time of your first purchase.
350 Points = $10 Off
Points can be used in-store or online. Points don’t expire. Points are not accrued for purchases made during a "SALE". There may be changes to the program or reward structure in the future.


Referral Program

Last updated 5.20.25

Refer your friends and you both get $50 off your next purchase over $150.
If someone uses your referral link to make their first purchase, they will get a $50 off applied immediately on their first purchase.
After they make their purchase, you will get $50 off your next purchase.
The referral program reward is limited to referring new customers only. Minimum purchase value of $150 required prior to taxes to get $50 off. Automated fraud detection will block referrals with the same name, address, and other suspicious activity.  No other discounts may be used in conjunction with the referral program.
Lesley Evers Membership is not eligible for the referral program reward.
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