Chit Chat About Weather

It has been darn cold and rainy here in the San Francisco Bay Area! We actually have had rain days where things just shut down, can you believe? For sure this sounds kooky to all of that live in seriously harsh snowy weather, but we aren't used to heavy rainfall and flooding has been complicating everything. Thinking that I should start making umbrellas...

Small Batch

My friend Anastasia came by the warehouse the other day and we photographed her in some of the newest pieces. I think the photos in this new Farmland Clementine turned out so cute!

I just love how Avery styled it with the Farmland tote. 100% I would wear these together. We didn't make very many so please don't pause if you want this. 

Cute Sale Items

Have you checked out our sale page? We have some really cute dresses. Both of these dresses can be layered with leggings or tights for these winter days. 


It's that time of year for fresh starts. I've committed to drinking vegetable smoothies daily. My mom has been drinking them for years so I'm using her recipe. 

In case you want to join me here's the recipe: 1 clove garlic, chunk of peeled ginger,  chunk of turmeric, 1/2 peeled lemon, 1 carrot, 1 celery stick, handful of greens (assorted spinach, chard, kale etc), 5 frozen strawberries,  handful of frozen blueberries. a banana plus a cup of water. I prepped them in jars to make it easy for the week (excluding the frozen fruit and water). 

Good luck to all of us on our resolutions. :) 

love, Lesley

Laura Pinkowski