Kenyon & Brooklyn.

Just in and ready to ship: Kenyon Light Blue Helix and Brooklyn Orange Fleurette. Both are super cute tops for casual outings.

These tunics are staples at my house. My 19 year old son, Will wears a Kenyon literally every day. It's his uniform. I sew them up for himself myself because he has specific print requests. 

For Men: 3 new options! Light Blue Helix (above), Primrose and White (both below)

For Women: Orange Fleurette- I'm a fan! And Brooklyn white is restocked. 

Welcome Linda.

I'm super excited to have Linda McAllister join the team! She's head of sales so you will find her in the store. If you shop online you can call to speak with her during store hours. She's the best!

Our store hours:
Tuesday- Saturday 10:30-5pm.
Closed Sunday and Monday.  
Have a question? Give us a call! 

Another Small Batch.

I had some small rolls of fabric leftover so I had the factory sew up these Sienna dresses (Linda's dress above and the two prints below). I just added them to the website. There aren't many! Also the Yellow Flower Power is fully stocked. 

V-Neck tee.

Also new to the team is Cindi, a super comfortable V-neck tee. This is a great style in fabric I know you love. Perfect for summer and ready to ship. :) 

Summer White.

As you know I'm all about the print, but what about when you just need pretty white top. Rowan tunic in white linen is my answer. It's already a hit in the shop.

Thanks Margie for the photo- she was visiting my brother last week and they came for dinner so we roped her into posing for some photos. Fair warning: you'd better be prepared to be photographed if you come to my house for dinner! :)

Also in the photo: Effie pant in Light Blue Helix


Curtis and I have been playing around with sandal-making. With his help I made sandals to match my favorite summer dress. Thought you would enjoy seeing them.

My first pair of homemade sandals are being modeled by Margie (the white slides) in the photo above, simply because she needed shoes to go with the outfit I asked her to put on.

Just a Fluke.

Last weekend I went by Laura's house (my customer service hero) to say goodbye before she and her family drove to their new home in Colorado and by chance Casey (my warehouse manager) was there to say goodbye as well! 

AND...we were all 3 wearing our Tegan dresses! What a delightful surprise. Had to take a pic and share. New Tegan prints coming very soon. 

FYI my dress is shorter because it was the first sample I sewed up. We all decided longer is better. 
AND Laura will continue to work with us remotely- because that's a thing now!

Happy Customer.

Just snapped this photo of my cute customer Pam in the Georgia Pink Wave. She's smiling extra big because she retired last week. So happy for her new season of life!! Woohoo!! I really do have THE BEST CUSTOMERS. Thank you for reading my emails, shopping and sharing your lives and memories with me. 

Love, Lesley
Laura Pinkowski