Time for Tea.

Just in and ready to ship! Josiphine is back and cuter than ever in four of my favorite prints. Patsy and I can't decide which we like best. :)

Patsy is here for the week visiting my family from North Carolina. I've been friends with her mom since second grade. Since we're an all boy household, it's extra special to have this girl in the house. 

My Friend Ceci.

My customer and friend Ceci Bowman is a beautiful artist. Here she is below in her Tegan dress and to the left and a self portrait. She went to a resort in Arizona last month and texted me these images below. I loved it so much so I asked her to make something for my new pajamas. :)

We are running low on the Tegan caftans at the moment, but new prints are at the factory, and I will post them next week. 

Taking the Bus Out for Take Out.

Patsy and I are chitchatting while waiting for our taco order. She's wearing the new Fiona dress in denim, and I have on the new Celie pant in Green Pears.

Curtis and I like to take his red VW bus since it's easy to set up for dining. The four of us fit perfectly. It's fun to have our own private dining room on College Avenue. 

The Ever Ending Summer.

It's flying by! Just this week I'm having a hard time squeezing in everything I want to do with Patsy. 

Our main project was teaching her some sandal-making. Here's what she's done so far. The soles aren't glued on or trimmed, but you get the gist. 

I hope you are having some good summer fun too.
Love, Lesley
Laura Pinkowski