My New Uniform.

Sometimes I like to wear the same thing for days on end. This is the outfit I've been living in. I recommend it. :) In fact I'm in bed with it on as I'm writing this email. Will have to muster up the energy to change into my PJs. 

This yellow striped tee reminds me of something I had in fourth grade. Sporting a 70's vibe and feeling nostalgic. And the new Tara pant in this new light and lofty jacquard! I'm just  happy in them. 

Mixing and Match.

These seven pieces make a great assortment to mix and match. Sweet pinks for February with black and white. Lots of ways to pair up these separates. 

Garden Party. 

New mask set in new floral prints. 

Spread the Love!

Gift our Valentine PJs to show someone you love them. There's still time to order and receive before Valentine's Day. 

I hope you all have a great week! 

love, Lesley
Laura Pinkowski