What's Your Go-To?

Is your core color black or navy? Either way we've got you covered. Pick from these separates for fresh new wardrobe building blocks.

These mini-capsules (3 tops, 3 bottoms, 1 scarf) will get you through the entire week. 

BLACK and WHITES with a dash of PINK
1. Meg tee in Black/White
2. Annie top in Black
3. Annie top in White
4. Cassidy skirt Blush
5. Tara pant in Solid Black- RESTOCKED!
6. Audrey pant in Black/White Jacquard
7. Esme scarf Burgundy Wavehttps://us3.admin.mailchimp.com/campaigns/edit?id=1003800

NAVY and WHITES with a pop of YELLOW
1. Meg tee in Yellow
2. Annie top in Navy
3. Annie top in White
4. Tara pant in Navy-White Jacquard
5. Audrey pant in Solid Navy
6. Lindsey pant in Navy Herringbone
7. Esme Primrose Navy

Pattern on Pattern.

I'm always ready to layer up pattern on pattern. Combining stripes, jacquards and printed silk scarves is easy and colorful.

Mixing It Up.

Seven pieces and seven outfits. I can easily fit all of these in my small carry-on suitcase. All comfortable outfits suitable for most activities— from dog walking to a meeting or even a museum if you are so lucky. 

New Masks. 


Reach Out!

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love, Lesley
Laura Pinkowski