I Said A Boom Chicka Boom.

Oh yea, all right, one more time...  New print alert! Chicka Boom has arrived, currently available in two styles—the Arden dress in blue Chicka Boom and Colette, rockin Chicka Boom in fuchsia.  Come on down to the shop and try them on, or check it out online.  
Blue? Pink? You choose. Both are great. 

It's still in the 80's here in California! Arden is comfortable on her own but once it starts cooling off I'll just throw on some tights and black boots and be ready for anything.

And the fuchsia Colette,  I consider this one a year-round piece, but as the days get cooler I think she will look smart with tights and a black Britt blazer.  Do you agree?

The Lastest Britt.

Olive- it's here! We added Britt in Olive  to the line last week. I love this color, it looks great on everyone. 

I know, I've said it 100 times and I'll probable say it 100 more, but one of the best things about Britt is you can throw it in the washing machine and toss it in the dryer! No joke, Britt can handle it!  To me that's a big deal because I tend to get dirty.  

My days can get a little crazy going to the factory, the warehouse, the shop, and my house + 3 dogs, all offering endless opportunity to get down and dirty and apparently I'm not one to miss an opportunity... I love that this piece turns out so beautifully when I launder it. 

Oakland BBQ Tour.

Next Friday Curtis and I are hosting my brother's rehearsal dinner— 40 people at our house! If you could see the current situation at my house you would have concerns. :)   Lets just say We've got a lot to do,  There's nothing like the deadline of hosting a party to get us in action.

Anyway, Iast night I picked up Otis and his partner Marc around 5pm. We are serving BBQ for the rehearsal dinner so we went to several BBQ spots to taste test ribs, brisket and chicken with all the sides. We made a decision. I can check the FOOD box!  To be fair, my brother is really making it as easy as possible for us. But still, 40 people at my house... it's happening. 

I wore my new Colette dress and the guys snapped a quick photo for this email. Always multi-tasking!

Cute October Mom.

We put this outfit together in the shop today. Show up like Nargis with a big smile, a crescent moon around your neck, Persimmon Bobbi top and striped Audrey pants.  

Beware when I'm working on these emails—cross my path and I'll rope you in! Thank you Nargis for modeling for me today when you came to exchange your pajamas! xo

Til Next Week.

I have so much to do. 2,500 yards of fabric (approximately 50 huge rolls) arrive at my warehouse on Tuesday and 40 people at my house on Friday. night. 

Taking it one day at a time!
love, Lesley


Laura Pinkowski