Big Plans.

Do you ever have big plans and then you just can't get it all done? Well, it happens to me a LOT. I figure if I dream big and get half way there it's better than nothing. 

A lot has slipped through my fingers this month. I have a variety of explanations, but the bottom line is that I'm behind! At this point I think the best thing to do is stop playing catch up and just skip ahead. 

Skipping Ahead.

Here's a little SNEAK PEEK of my new table linen collection. Among other things we are busy bundling up napkins into sets of 4. They will be available on the website next week and this weekend in store.

I can't decide which of these great prints will be on my thanksgiving table. They are all great.  Do I have to choose just one?

These napkin sets will make fabulous hostess gifts and holiday presents. They are  20" square and 55% linen/ 45% cotton. Easy to put through the washer and dryer and so much nicer than a paper napkin!

Pick Your Color.

I love prints but I do understand the importance of having some solid pieces in the closet.
Our super popular Bobbi top is now fully stocked in pretty new colors—Teal, Deep Fuchsia and Persimmon as well as the basics— Black, Off-White and Navy too..

The solid Bobbi tops were running a bit small, so we made them bigger. Please note they now run true to size. 

More Color.

To head into the holidays we have Burgundy and Orchid Britt blazers, as well as some restock of Black and Navy

Orchid pairs well with both  Colette Chicka Boom Pink and Colette Topaz Gems. :)

More to go with the Burgundy coming soon. :) It's an all around great piece for this time of year. 

The V-Neck.

Along with the Daisies in the top photo- we just added these prints to the Justine style. Fully stocked! 

Til Next Week.

I'll be setting tables to photograph, cutting new dress samples, working on new patterns. checking in at the factories, creating new textiles for spring and working in the shop this week. 

Like I said, I dream big. I never check off everything on my list. :)

love, Lesley
Laura Pinkowski