New to Tippi

We just finished making a new Tippi dress in the print Jubilee! A few days ago we stocked the shelves, so I popped next door to the shaded loading dock at Serena and Lilly to take a photo and happily found this old white Jeep Wagoner. This is a vintage car on my wish list so I posed and Casey snapped this photo. Back to the studio and we  posted the product page in about 10 minutes- presto! 

I love Tippi and in this print it's truly season-less. This dress will bring you Jubilation! :)

Freya Skirts

Our Freya skirts for spring have arrived and I love them all. I tried on a couple of top options to show you with each skirt. I could have done many more. 

In My Marisol Tote

I'm certain that I'm not the only person to lug around a pile of things with me. I unloaded my tote yesterday and my design girls arranged it for you. :)

Mail, piece of ribbon, 3 pairs of glasses/sunglasses, charger, moisturizing stick, paper tissue flower, brush, silk scarf, hangtags, pouch with business cards, laptop, pen/pencil, socks, paint chips, banking pouch, wallet, and advil. :)

I've given the Marisol a true test over the past six months and I'm pleased to report that it's passing the test of time. 

Sneak Peek

Our newly designed Sasha dress is in production and will be here late May. I'm going to a wedding in July and I think this is going to be perfect! My college roommate is getting married so we are meeting up with friends at the lake in Michigan for the event. 

I hope you have some fun events coming soon because we are making dresses for every occasion. It's fun to get dressed up! 

Wishing you a very happy Easter weekend. 


Laura Pinkowski