Bringing a new style to our fan-favorite print, Shakalaka— Rene is here and ready to ship. This is the dress to wear for unexpected good things to happen. 

Cotton poplin, a lined skirt, drawstring waist and mixed print make Rene a comfortable everyday dress. I feel like I could go anywhere in this piece- to a party or the grocery store. 

Juniper Garden Oasis

Flowers galore on my Juniper dress in my Garden Oasis print. This color palette is just perfection in my opinion. The deep teal ground with pops of greens and blues and a touch of lilac makes me smile. I'm going to be wearing this with flipflops or sneakers. I am SO ready for warm weather. 

Dixie Skirts

Fields covered in flowers are one of the most lovely things of spring, don't you agree? The perfect setting for our box pleated skirt on Natalie. Cotton poplin, elastic waistband with pockets make this piece the one you will want to wear on a sunny day. 

Oh Joy!

New colors are here and restocks of original colors. 10 choices because it's just so good. 

Top Down

I am generally cold and Curtis runs hot so our ideas of temperature control are very different. Even on a cool day he has the top down on his VW bug. I keep my Lillian scarf in my tote bag in case I am riding with him. He picked me up from work on Wednesday and I was prepared for the ride. 

A scarf around my neck or over my head is often all I need to keep from getting cold. What essentials do you carry in your tote? I'm curious. Let know and I'll post them next week. 


Laura Pinkowski