Blue Skies

Our recent photoshoot in the sunny, 70-degree haven of Palm Springs has been the perfect place to capture the upcoming releases, including the delightful silk Celeste top. Dressed in our new Bonanza print, I felt resort-ready!  (white pants and striped bag are coming soon- just a sneak peek for now)

Feast your eyes on the stunning Gems Celeste, modeled by Tia. Her grace and elegance in this piece brought smiles to everyone on set. 


We are excited to show you our Arden in Serendipity Green, modeled by Keana. We are ready to ship this fabulous piece. This dress is perfect for cooler weather with tights and transitions right into spring with the wonderful pop of nearly neon pink. 

We Love a Set

More of a pants girl?  Why not go all in on Serendipity with a matching Stella and Audrey pant. Wear them together or split the set to wear as separates. 

Instagram Live!

Join me and the catalog team this morning for a short LIVE from Palm Springs at 9am PST!  We will be in the middle of shooting our last model but will pause to say hi and show you some of our favorite new pieces including sneak peeks.  
Hope to see you there! 

Palm Springs

As I soak up the sunshine in Palm Springs with our catalog team, I'm reminded of the little joys that make a big difference. Swapping my black boots for flip flops wasn't just a change in footwear, but a shift in my spirit. The sunny days here have been a delightful contrast to rainy ones.

The air, filled with music and laughter, has been the perfect backdrop as our team captures the essence of our new products. Their passion and energy are infectious, making this week away even more special.

Wrapping it up with pajama party  pics. From left to right: Gina, me, Casey and Natalie.
Sending you all a big hug. 


Laura Pinkowski