Easter Best

It's the season for light and bright colors and I couldn't be happier! Trying to decide what to wear on Easter Sunday— so many options! I decided to highlight a few of my favorites for you this week. 

Ladies, if you have questions, we have a full-time customer service team member Monday- Friday. Caroline is wonderful and always ready to answer your questions on fit, colors, what matches and more. Please don't be shy and reach out if you have a question!  

Our warehouse phone number is (510) 882-1119 and we can take orders over the phone as well. 


Our newest batch of cotton sateen Kylie skirts just arrived. We haven't even had time to photograph them on a model but the skirts are on the site and ready to ship. 


These stemmed glasses are great way to spruce up your table for spring. I plan on serving banana pudding in mine. Also orange juice and wine. Go Flower Power!

Our Lemon Plaid Coat

A customer sent me this image of Kamala Harris from Instagram as a little girl. Her yellow coat looks a lot like our Natalie Coat!  If anyone has a way to get one in her hands I bet she would love it. Let me know! 

My Designer Friend

Taylor Jay, a local fashion designer, and I became friends years ago when we met at a factory. Since then we've shopped for fabric together in Los Angeles, shared insights in the business and bonded over meals together. On top of that we even go to the same church, oftentimes sitting together! 

We have very different styles and thought it would be fun to do a shoot and swap clothing. She makes all solids and I make nearly all prints. Below is a behind the scenes photo before we swapped outfits. We really had a fun time and I look forward to sharing more of the final images with you. 

I wish you could have seen her dancing in front of the camera. Lots of giggles. Her light shines so bright. 
Just a reminder to dance, just because!


Laura Pinkowski