The Cutest PJ's

Our newest Zoey PJ's just arrived in new prints. These make the such a cute gift, or treat yourself! These short jammies are a customer favorite. 

New prints to choose from: Flower Ball Pink, Garden Oasis Blue and Mod Hearts Orange. 

Top Options

Love your Milly pants? I adore mine. 
We have lots of tops to pair with them. Make the most of them by creating a capsule of color in your closet!

Irene Tee

Yes, we have a new scoop tee, and yes it is fabulous. As you can see, we've already paired 2 of them with our Milly pant.

This basic will color-coordinate with plenty in your wardrobe. This is that solid top you will live in— Magenta, Sky Blue, Navy and Olive.

Velvet Daphne

Just a reminder in case you need the most comfy velvet dress ever- the Daphne dress ready to ship! 

This dress is not only velvet, but stretchy and covered in beautiful embroidery. And WOW— it's machine washable!

Dressed Up

Browsing through my photos from this past week, I found myself without much to share – just a snapshot of my mom's leg bruise, a quick pic of powdered milk in my pantry (for my brother who need it for a cookie recipe), and a reminder photo of a garbage truck to prompt me to schedule a bulky pick-up. With my current options a bit lacking, I decided to venture back to the end of November and share a special family photo taken at a debutante ball in Charlotte, NC. I must confess, I'm taking a bit of a risk here by sharing without my boys' consent.

The ball was a memorable occasion where my son Will served as the marshal for a dear friend's daughter. The clothing preparations leading up to the event were quite an undertaking, all masterminded by my husband – he took charge of outfitting us all, even shopping for a vintage gown for me.

My heart is filled with gratitude for my family and friends, especially as we approach Christmas. It's the perfect time to celebrate the ones we love, for they are what makes life so incredibly good. 
I know you agree. 




Laura Pinkowski