Dress Season

It's that time of year! With Spring just days away and Easter around the corner, the best dress season (in my opinion) has arrived. There's nothing quite like the charm of a spring dress on a sunny day with a warm breeze.  
My niece Sophie (far left) and her friend Parker (middle) came for a visit this week while on break from Sewanee College. The pair brought a burst of youthful energy to the office and delighted in a "behind the scenes" look on Wednesday by joining our product meeting. To be sure they got to enjoy some Calfornia sunshine, I slipped away early in the day and took them to the swimming pool. 

Sophie is wearing our new Genevieve dress. Parker has on Nadia and I am wearing Clementine. All of these and more spring dresses are available on the site. 

Blair + Audrey

These pieces look absolutely fantastic together but can certainly be worn apart- see me and Natalie below. They¬†are soft and stretchy and just cute. It's hard to choose a color‚ÄĒ I love them all.


Our tiered, lightweight dress combines free-spirited charm with bold sophistication‚ÄĒ the perfect balance of comfort and elegance, ideal for any sunny day activity.


This shirtdress has an extra tall collar stand and a dramatic rounded collar. The neckline is so flattering. The A-line shape is flattering and can be worn with or without the sash. 

Still More New

Casey just picked up the new Phoebe dresses on Wednesday and we've already got them posted on the site. This tee dress has a scoop neck and pockets.Two prints- Nostalgia Flower and Morning Glory. :)


I may not have daughters of my own, but God has blessed me with so many young women that come in and out of my life‚ÄĒ nieces, daughters of friends, interns and employees. Having these two girls¬†for a couple of days was a joy. Now they are gone and I'm back to my routine. :)¬†
Feeling thankful.



Laura Pinkowski