Timeless Tilda.

Over ten years ago I first brought Tilda to life.  A lot has happened since I made this box pleat dress but she continues to be one of my favorites (don't tell the others) so I've brought her back in the original Tumbleweed print.  

Love Nora?

Lots of you have asked for more Nora pants- so here they are in my Farmland print. So easy to wear with a black or white top, or even a fun pop of color. These wide legged pants are a great fit and a customer favorite. 


Tatum is completely loose through the body, but fitted through the arms and bust. It's a flattering shape, loose without looking baggy or boxy.

This is a great piece to show off your necklace and earrings. I just got these hoop earrings in after not wearing earrings for about three years. Ouch, but they are in! Maybe I'll start wearing earrings again. :)

Boba Drinkers.

Well, after a week with Thalia  (my friend's daughter that was visiting me) I'm now hooked on boba milk tea. One day we had two each! It was all about finding the best boba. Taro milk tea was my favorite- pretty, purple and delicious!

Thalia went home to Pennsylvania yesterday morning and now I am headed to Santa Barbara with Curtis to drop off Will at UCSB. It's a quick trip- back on Thursday. Hope to see you locals on Saturday in the shop!
Love, Lesley
Laura Pinkowski