Happy Hostess.

Tis the season for holiday parties and doesn't the hostess deserve a little something special? Protect your outfit with one of my pretty aprons while in the kitchen or gift one to your hostess this Thanksgiving. 

Why stop there when you can go all out with matching table linens too?

Factory Fresh.

The new Bridget tees are coming one print at a time from the factory. I am taking what I can get! This week it's Shakalaka Blue, a textile I had a lot of fun designing. 

I paired the tee with a sample of  deep burgundy suede cropped pants. Available in December. But the tee is in store now.


I've said it before and il say it again matching is fun. The new skort is here to match the Bridget tee that was so popular last week. I realize all-over print isn't for everyone but it sure puts a smile on the face of a print-lover like me. Are you up for a set? 

Basics Back in Stock.

Two of our go-to denim pieces are back..These pieces are so comfortable and easy to wear they won't stay on the shelf long. So for those of you have been waiting them now is the time to order. 

New Masks.

Need to refresh your collection? 
New prints and ready to ship.

Style Points.

This week Laura in South Portand, ME ordered these two pieces together. I loved how she paired the Colette Chicka Boom with the Britt blazer in black. They are so cute together.

Laura, I packed your order myself. I'm thinking maybe this is for Thanksgiving? Send a photo!  :)

Still Waiting.

I'm still waiting for the velvet pouches to be complete. I thought it would be this week, but sadly no. I'm hopeful for next week! Stay tuned. Lots more coming soon.

love, Lesley
Laura Pinkowski