Best Covid Mask-Maker.

I'm happy to say our masks have superior protection and come in lots of pretty prints.  :) We will continue to make them as long as we need to, but thankfully it looks like the end is near! I cannot wait. 

Just last week I canceled a trip to Charlottte, NC to visit my mom for her birthday. I'm waiting a little longer to travel since I haven't gotten the vaccine. I am grateful my family has made it this far without getting Covid and I don't want to be the first with a vaccine so close.

Proudly Made In Oakland.

We make the masks and clothing are right here in Oakland CA. 

This week we are featuring our Oakland-made masks with my Oakland Fox Theater tote bag. You don't have to live here to carry this tote and send us some love. :)

Additional new sets are available on the mask page. Click here. 

Willow dress.

Blue is officially my favorite color though it's a hard call since all colors are really just magical.

I love this dress covered in blue peonies, even though they don't actually exit. But I love peonies and I love blue, so why not? Seems like a sensible pairing to me.

Update: Lottie skort ships tomorrow!

As promised, the Lottie skort is shipping tomorrow, February 26th.  Thanks to all of you that pre-ordered it!

Along with the Queen's Garden Pink we cut a batch of Red Dots (see below- navy, red and white print)

The skort features a hidden pocket on the shorts for your phone, ID or CC. For sure it will be my go-to this season. 

So Long Til Next Week.

I have some pretty pieces coming for spring so stay in touch. Hope to see you at the shop or tag me on Instagram when you have something that I made on! Would LOVE to see your pictures. Lesley

Laura Pinkowski