Puppy Love. 

I already have three dogs so Curtis says another is out of the question. Wish I could have a sibling of this sweet pup that belongs to my friend Kellie. Nothing like a sweet, soft cuddly puppy. This girl is irresistible! 

Wearing the Gigi tunic dress in Gems. This piece is so comfortable and can be dressed up or down. Trimmed with baby pompoms. 

Below is Gigi in Green Pears. Really nice for a warm day! I love a tunic dress. All smiles. 

Short List of Restocks.

Along with the Bird shirts we cut the last of these prints to restock the Kathryns. If you missed one of these now is the time to get it. We weren't able to make very many more. 

Full Bus!

Last weekend my bus was filled with these lovely ladies all wearing my dresses. It was a warm night and we were at a dinner party in my neighbor Pam's backyard— a charity event to support East Bay Agency for Children (EBAC). 

The VW bus just brings out smiles, song and dance— I love it!

Photo of Curtis below from the party. It looks like he's at some tropical resort, but no, just up the street. :) 

Wishing you all some real joy.
We need it to lift each other up!

love, Lesley
Laura Pinkowski