Kathryn Top.

These colorful cotton blouses were perfect on my Puerto Vallarta trip. Our factory finished 1 of each for me extra fast to go in my suitcase. The bulk of the production is ready today so we are ready to ship!

Four beautiful and colorful prints to choose from. I'm not sure which is my favorite.

Sleeping and Lounging.

These pajamas are my new favorite. The 100% cotton Josephine set is what I like to wear year-round.

Bad hair day. We went swimming in the ocean almost every morning and I just let my hair dry in the sun after half rinsing in the outdoor shower.

Around Town.

The Elaine dress was fabulous on my trip. As soon as the weather warms up it's going to be my go-to. I love pink and red and sunny days. :)


Yes, I packed table linens to take on my trip. I knew I wanted a photo by the water with our new Grey Woodpile print on the table.

Once I got there my enthusiasm to set up for photos faded. The house staff set the table for me and made accordion napkins. We were completely spoiled.


After eight days away it's not easy to get back into my work rhythm. Picking up my pace!

Lots and lots of new things in the works. This is going to be a great spring. Thank you for being my customer!

love, Lesley
Laura Pinkowski