Plushy Cords!

The Angie pant is brand new and I can't take mine off. This soft and stretchy cord feels like a legging but looks like a little cropped corduroy pant. High waisted with an elastic waistband, the Angie pant is sure to be a fan favorite. Three colors to choose from— Navy, Leaf Green and Magenta. 

To start, we are pairing our Angie pants with the three new Stella tops. Really pretty prints to choose from. See below.

FYI for our locals- I posted new shop hours at the bottom of the email. We have nearly doubled our OPEN hours. 


This little shell top is a great  piece for spring. We've cut it in three cotton knit prints that I think you will love: Gems, Loop Tile, and Corinth. I honestly can't say which one is my favorite. Paired with the new Angie pant you will have a cute little outfit— add sandals or tennis shoes and you are ready to go!

Sneak Peek

A new Tegan is in the works. We photographed it this week. Curtis snapped a quick pic of me and my friend Teresa and I can't resist sharing it with you.

She's in the Genevieve North Star dress and I have on the new Tegan Jojo Gold. (also a new textile design) Teresa's dress is available online now. Mine is coming soon. Both are fun and flowy.


We said goodbye to our Dottie dog on Tuesday evening. As expected, Curtis and I have been out of sorts this week.

We rescued Dottie when she was 3-4 years old and we had her for 14 years, so we estimate she was 18 when she died. She was a great companion and I will miss her dearly.

As you can see in the photo, she was great at posing. It was hard to choose which photo to share but I especially love this one by my photographer friend Lara Rosignal. It's a keepsake. Thank you Lara.



Laura Pinkowski